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Nine hundred. I here's your forecast in the west widespread. Heavy precipitation across central to northern California will continue most of the day lower elevation, heavy rains potential flooding possible across central to northern California while very heavy snow measured in feet is likely through the Sierra and southern cascades, heavy snows through portions of the northern Rockies from. In north west Wyoming into central too far eastern, Idaho could affect travel with portions of I ninety four I ninety I fifteen north and south end, I twenty five in Wyoming and Montana all affected in the mid Mississippi valley, we'll see rain down through the Gulf Coast into the southeast that wet weather expected along I ten I twenty I eighty five I sixty five and I seventy five out of Atlanta today watch for icing along I forty four from Oklahoma City to Saint Louis. There's a look at your national forecast from Red Eye Radio. I'm meteorologist John trout. Thanks so much, John. We'll have more from the president's press conference from North Vietnam. Excuse me from Vietnam concerning North Korea. I'm still forty years ago. Five point nine FM. This is what's going on mornings five ten ninety. I cannot be the only person thinking this right now. Everything you need to start your day. The latest forecast backups in delays to the stories behind.

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