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South 71 past Red Bank is on the left shoulder. Your heavy back to the ken wood cuts toward Montgomery Road and an injury accident on ER can record Vine South 75 for the delay to the Brent Spence Bridge, about eight minutes from Liberty Street north Beyond 12 minutes from before Kyle's You're also slow north 75 between Turfway and Donaldson, East to 75 slows approaching 4 71. I'm Rob Williams News radio 700 wlw now the latest forecast from the advanced industry whether center are you afraid of the dentist at advanced industry? We get it to learn more about how I V sedation can change your life visit. No fear. Dentist dot com Showers and storms are on the move here in the tri state, and they will continue through about five PM damaging winds large hail possible also, though, some big downpours will have to watch out for that tonight After the rain ends. We cool down to 50. Four and then tomorrow mostly sunny conditions are back with highs only in the low seventies from your severe weather station. I'm nine first warning. Meteorologist Jennifer Catch Mark NewsRadio. 700 wlw radar shows mainly clouds in the Tri state right now did see some storms earlier. Today, there is a small cell of rain that is just west of rising sun. Indiana can be moving into parts of northern Kentucky here soon It is 77 degrees. News is a service of serve All electric company and Woody Sander Ford. You've got FC Cincinnati. You've got the red. You got the Bangles. That's three. Well, already there's only two licenses to be issued. So somebody even in the preferential category is going to be left out. Ohio State Rep bill sites talking about the issues that he has with the sports betting bill recently passed in the state Senate..

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