Baltimore, Governor Larry Hogan, Officer discussed on Derek Hunter


Not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Wcbm news time 903 Good morning. I'm Michael Philip Elliott 6 80 Wcbm, Maryland New Center. With the headlines in the news this hour. Teachers and administrators are happy to get back to business. Several school district returned to learning today. Prince George's Frederick Montgomery and Charles County is just a few areas starting online classes today. Last week, Governor Larry Hogan said all schools can begin to safely reopen. Governor Larry Hogan fired a member of his administration team for posting photos supporting the 17 year old Wisconsin shooting suspect, Hogan's spokesperson said these posts by Arthur Love, We're obviously totally inappropriate, Officials say An autopsy will be conducted on the body discovered in South Baltimore yesterday morning at the Carroll Park Golf Course on Washington Boulevard. Victim's identity has not been released. A man crashed his vehicle on Fort Smallwood Road in South Baltimore yesterday, leaving the driver dead and two others hurt the passengers treated for minor injuries. Three women stabbed in north Baltimore and heartwood around 6 30 last evening on Greenmount Avenue. All three transported to the hospital. One pronounced it the other two expected to survive two suspects under arrest in separate police obstruction incidents. Tyrann Kindred was arrested after he drove through a Baltimore city police barricades Saturday before sunrise on the East Baltimore Street. He had an officer's squad car. The officer recovering in the hospital Friday, Darryl Waller was throwing rocks at police and their vehicles in the parking lot of the Northwest Police district when he was arrested. Several vehicles and windows in the police office building were damaged. We look at sports after this. I am cardiologists Jeffrey Shapiro and I have helped formulate rescue For years I've seen my patients suffer from high blood pressure, low energy and heart rhythm problems with proven ingredients. Rescue or scene is the first part of its kind to enhance the efficacy of the heart, a little muscle performance, sustain energy and promote proper cell replication of our DNA and Arnie or seen works to improve blood flow and therefore the delivery of oxygen to vital.

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