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You're going to have to fight for this wall. And whether you get it, even or not. Isn't going to be the point. It's going to be whether or not your base believes you're fighting for it. Let us go to Warren in Scottsdale. Arizona. Warren, welcome you're on Red Eye Radio. Welcome to the show. Hi, hi. How you doing the reason I called you actually took the words out of my mouth. I actually was going to talk about the border patrol. What they should do says President Trump's supposed to be meeting with Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi. He should have the top five to ten leadership people at the border patrol in uniform on camera with them. So that every time Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer decided to say why it's not needed the border patrol. I think knows a little bit better. We able to contradict him in front of millions of people on camera. That's number one. And the second thing I was calling about was your issue with the investigation. Jeff Sessions picked this Huber guy that you said not doing anything. And the fact is humor is a democrat are still trying to figure out to the life of me went sessions would pick a democrat to go investigate this about the whole thing with uranium one and the same people. That were involved in uranium one or the people that are involved in this whole Trump Russia investigation. It's only Rosenstein molar and Weisman they were all involved in uranium one. So it's all just not the big smokescreen to block them for being found out. And there that's why they have people like Blumenthal. Every time something comes up. He starts trying to say that Donald Trump is trying to deflect away from the Muller investigation. But those remember remember it was Trump who renominated Huber he was he offered his resignation and Trump renominated him. So you know, you you look there. There's there's a lot of things that Trump is in control of and things that he has has done that people get get upset about. But look he he has information right now that can start this whole ball rolling. He has the class of the declassified information that he has not released. Has claimed the American public might not be able to handle it which was bogus to begin with. We disagreed with him when he said that, but he would use it if they came after him, which we thought was completely and totally inappropriate release it. So the American people know what happened? And if it gets the ball rolling to go further it gets the ball rolling to go further. Well, because if he's saying he'll use it to defend himself. Then clearly he knows it won't hurt him. You're not gonna use it to defend yourself. It's if it's going to be damaging. So if you're saying that is the case then that tells us there's nothing damaging to you release it now. Don't wait and don't wait for Muller to have the side show. And and and the main spotlight by issuing some kind of bogus report that points in a certain direction and creates doubt and cloud over your head forever. But never actually does anything because that's what actually a lot of people on the left or expecting to happen. And politically that can be just as damaging because the liberal media is going to carry the water for the Muller investigative team. Eight six six ninety redeye. We'll be right.

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