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Having you to celebrate the day if it's your birthday today. Happy birthday. Nice time. Do you have a birthday? Good time of the year we head into fall. Some people use the prettiest time of the year. I think I was trying to figure out what I think It's 40 days from the election. Big things are happening here there and everywhere the place. Where you live. Now. Are you happy with where you are? I like your house like your community like the way it feels to be with the people that you live near, or Would you like to live a different place now in a different place? Maybe you're not thinking the place where you live is the healthiest and you want to find the healthiest community to live so Victoria is going to step up to the plate with that challenge. Where are The healthiest communities and I want to know what the criteria is for these cities being judged the healthiest picked. Okay, So this is from U. S News and World report. This is there and and Aetna Thie Etna Foundation. They worked together and they have company. Yeah, The foundation I think is it's It's owned by Edna, but I think they do other kind of filling philanthropic things. So they work together every year to release the list of healthiest community communities by King this year. The I'll give you some of the some the criteria so the their scored on 12 different things. Things like fresh air access to fresh water housing being affordable, the the quality of the drinking water, environmental things, public safety, food and nutrition. So they had 3000. It's 80 for actual health and health related metrics in 10 categories, So it's a pretty strict list, so 3000 US communities were evaluated. And they came up with the top 10 list and I'll tell you this was just kind of surprising six of the top 10 or in the state of Colorado, So Colorado is still where it's at. However, the number one spot went to Los Alamos County in New Mexico. And the the reason they said that one of one of the few if that name sounds familiar, it's because The atomic bomb was developed in the 19 forties in the in that area in the Los Alamos in that area, so they have the national laboratory that's still there. So it has a medium sized workforce. It has a more educated workforce because it's a lot of science based jobs. And so they said, people tend to be the more educated you are the healthier you end up being. There's a correlation there. White collar jobs tend to come with health insurance. That's another reason why people the more education you have the healthier you tend to be. So Los Alamos County's number one in the the rest on the list. Number two Is Douglas County, Colorado. Number three Falls Church, Virginia number four Broomfield County, Colorado. Number five. Route County, Colorado. Number six. Loudon County, Virginia. Number seven Pitkin County, Colorado. Number eight Carver County, Minnesota. Number nine Summit County, Colorado and number 10 San Miguel County, Colorado. So if you two in two in Virginia and six in Colorado, so you've got your choices, or just you know if you want retired in New Mexico. So Colorado. Good to be coincidence that there's so much pot smoking cholera would want to be there. What's the story? Just happier? Healthier? I mean, I You know, I have a lot of friends who live in Colorado and Jen has family in Colorado. It's just It's just I find that it just it tends to be a health minded and health conscious people know, outdoorsy there. There just I think they're hiking everyday and yeah, very active. Yeah, that's a good, healthy place to be. So I'm surprised my community of framing him. Actually, there are no East Coast cities in the list of all were there There are no East Coast States. The top 10, Virginia, Right Falls Church. I don't consider that East Coast. I mean, I guess technically, it is, but you know don't either. Yeah, No, but it's okay. Well, it's actually a sub. Ergo, Washington is in Falls Church ago. 66 far. Yeah. Faro is out of D. C. You know, it's not far. Yeah. Okay. My friend Richie lives there. I'm not mistaken. McFadden lives I think they're healthy. Speaking of the picture of health Tom Cruise Is officially heading to space. The Space Shuttle Almanac. Taking to Twitter to share a photo of some of the spacecrafts and country set to launch in the next couple of years. And in October of 2021 pretty much a year from now, the chart reads Space X Crew dragon. With an image of the space vehicle beside it. Next to the illustration are three names. Space X Pilot Lopez, Algeria. Tourist number one Tom Cruise Tourist number two Doug Liman. The terrorist flight also shows a vacant spot for a third passenger. Lyman is the director attached to the movie. In other words, they're gonna make a really movie. We've talked about this before the folks that well, Elon Musk and his bunch of space six wanted to film a movie in outer space. And so apparently, they put that all together and next year this time they're goingto go up there and they can only So is the whole movie going to be In the space capsule of they don't know if this is going to be just like a scouting mission, or if they're going to actually be filming this or maybe a combination of both. We don't know yet. But it's not surprising that the first civilian up in space, Tom Cruise, not all such an adrenaline junkie person. Plus, isn't that where I mean he's Scientologist? Don't they go up there at some point? I mean, I think after it's all over on this planet, you go somewhere else, don't you? Well, that's no. You mean physically there, you know, have a spiritual belief that many of us have is that life continues and continues in different forms. His spirit moves around. Whether you're conscious in our contra, different kind of consciousness. Yeah. I know, but I don't know what Scientology believes. Frankly, they'll believe that they'll teach you anything that they think will give him an advantage. So they get more money out of you. That may be what happens. The house once lived in by murderer Lizzie Borden's Here we go. This is perfect for Halloween. This home down in Fall River, which is about 80 miles south of me here in Massachusetts. The house. It's a queen, an house sold in 2018. Now it's up for grabs again. 890,000 bucks. Lizzie Borden lived there with their sister from 18 93 to 1927. After purchasing the house following her acquittal for the axe murders of her father and stepmother. Did she do it or didn't she do it?.

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