Mitt Romney, Chuck Schumer, Donald Trump discussed on The Larry Elder Show


A thirteen year rolled at a private school at mitt romney said i don't remember that something of that lately happened forty years ago but it became a campaign issues off its campaign issue for mitt romney why isn't this an issue for chuck schumer either he did it already didn't and why that somebody has never even ask him about that is beyond me imagine if donald trump i had begun his career like that some forty years ago and it propose getting rid of a bunch of blacks out of a fled bush area of new york and somebody at a meeting with testified that he said it can you imagine what would happen with that lord knows how much money leasable would offer him triple eight nine seven one s a g eight triple eight nine seven one seven to four three regarding the uh the attack on all miro safe this rich isn't it perry belafonte said when uh told that while how could george w bush these racist as you say is he got colin powdered got county rice there in harry belafonte said will killer had a lot of jews high up in the hierarchy as well john b be legal you cannot win triple eight nine seven one s eighty now yesterday marco rubio says he was a no on the tax bill but now apparently he's gotten what he wants and flavor of alignment eight to increase the refundable extra currently structured it's only 1100 dollars which means a lot of people making five twenty five thousand dollars working or not gonna be able to utilize as much of credit acehnese and so what i've asked his up at 1100 be race unreasonable about it it only two of us hurley pushing 4 horror the senate on lovers lessened nonetheless needs to be more than hilary pat toomey is a republican from pennsylvania oculus why is this bill let's be clear let's be clear my democratic colleagues have done a great job of mischaracterizing this let me just listen to the common sense recently as yesterday claiming insisting that this is somehow middle class tax increase but yet in the senate finance committee when i'm sorry on.

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