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At MGM National Harbor. Hitting a jackpot feels even better than getting out of a traffic jam. And just like traffic. It happens all the time. Must be 21. Please play responsibly for help. Is it empty Gambling helped out or gore 100 gambler, a 38 traffic and weather on the H two married to Pompa in the traffic center John off to Maryland, we go. We have an accident being reported So far, nobody's landed on scene. It's North bound 95 near route 32 Watch your mirrors. They were headed to the scene at last report. They should be there. You could come upon some flashing lights. We found nothing in camera yet. So again, the report was North bound 95 near Route 32 exit. 38 should have responders there on the Baltimore Washington Parkway was heading north bound just before the Beltway crash. They've limped out of the roadway, so delays dissipated. Quickly. Watch for any flashing lights along the shoulder. But again, the delays gone. You do have response with this accident. We always have to think wtlv listeners and shout out to Sean. He was on I 2 95 heads up If your eye to 95 well after Bowling and Malcolm X before you get to the Suitland Parkway in the center lane of three lanes at that point, he said, adjacent to the Coast Guard north to 95 before Super Parkway, a refrigerator right in the middle of the road. You're coming at this. It's speed, so big caution there. Checking into 66. We have no incidents on 95 from Springfield Interchange to Fredericksburg, EZ Pass Express lanes, also pointing in South bound direction and just a reminder that in Temple Hills we had emergency heading to Temple Hill Road, Brinkley Road near Old Temple Hill Road, a brush fire and it's CVS. You could earn up to $50 in extra bucks each year just for filling prescriptions, terms and conditions apply not available in all states. See CBs dot com slash Rx Rewards or Pharmacy for details. Married to Pompa Wtp traffic Storm Team four's Lauren rickets, some of us seeing some snowflakes this morning. Oh, yes, we're seeing of you out there right now, and they're skating right across the D. C area. It's so funny because we had a beautiful sunrise.

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