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Narration. Accurate. Enjoy all. So you're not only coming around the corner to see to to the front of Monsters, inC, laugh floor, you're actually over the famous the now famous purple wall. The Instagram sensation truly used to just be a purple. Well. Yeah. And now they've kind of not move a lot more you like it with. I did not get why the purply watching because it was like it was different. It was something you could see from the hub of something you pass by. I think it was just it was recognizable. It was one of those things that weren't it wasn't insider. It was insider because it wasn't so distinct. Now, I'd say it is distinct with some of the new patterns on it it any case. This isn't a purple wall episode. So the memory is from purple walls that we're right? Yeah. So so Amy had her at at skirt. It was it's the poodle skirt because at this an at instead of poodle, it's an adequate from Star Wars. And so we we were we were taking family pictures. And then we took some time to have the photographer who was stationed there at the purple all the take a few extra pages of Amy and the guy was standing there. He was doing his job perfectly. However with the other side of his brain or the back of his brain. He was. Still the managing to pull off this very entertaining thing, which was to lip sync or even even jazz, like mimic even out loud in real time in perfect time. The narration from the people mover above so he would be sitting there, and he'd be taking with Amy. And and then he would just go imperfect sync with the the narration about this time. It's laughter there after at monsters Inc. And then he would say the whole thing and then would pass again. And he's all right now turn this way. Now, look at me this way, and this time it's laughter. They're monsters Inc. And we're like wet. So he snapping pictures. Any looks at in. He looks at Fiona Liam. And I who are standing off to the side. And then he counted down with his fingers or did. He just countdown verbally. I just his fingers. But I remember he told us a joke in we didn't hear I went. And then I got. It later what we were still talking. He took a long time with this. But he's like, oh, it's okay. Because this time laughter. We're after sink that. It was so funny. Great. Fantastic. The pictures turned out great. It's not like anything. Right. Yeah. So some of the most natural pitchers pictures because we were actually laughing. Having a good time. So yeah, for sure. And so then you head straight down. And now you're heading back to the was it rocket tower plaza you're headed back to now. Yeah. So we get there in don't forget your high five or side five opportunity will that was already coming out of out of space mountain. And so now we pull back to get don't forget it. Now, we're we're headed back in we're making our landing back to where we started and Fiona is there a safety nouncement. Well, it's not the one in the notes, that's. Yeah. You're right. Do you have one though? No, I don't probably says insure you, get your kids in your bags. Probably a little more eloquent than. Get your kids and your started talking. I'm gonna look it up right now. I'm going to continue to talk about what might listless talk a little bit about that rocket tower because because it's it's a triple decker and. Is lunch pad though, found lunch the lunch lunching, Pat lunching, Pat lunch, and there was a very very nice cast member that there one time I was unable to find some apple juice for Liam which is his life blood. That is the only thing only thing he'll drink. And so I was having a hard time finding it. He was getting hotter and hotter, Morty hydrated. I went up, and I said, do you have apple juice? He said, yes, I said, oh, I'm so glad thank you so much and Hughes like, you know, what this on the house, and he gave me an extra bottle. So he was so kind of cheap. What's not on Disney? I found the safety instructions. Mounts spent?

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