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Golden bears tailgate show, time now to talk to the head, coach Justin Wilcox brought to you by Pepsi grab, a Pepsi and cheer on the. Golden bears, Pepsi proud partner of Cal athletics all right coach show. Here we come full circle year to year do you? Have any different feeling going into this game then you head going? Into the. Game, in North Carolina year ago not necessarily obviously being a year in we everybody. Understands the expectations of. How we do things. It's a different team the chemistry is different And that happens year to year no matter what I know everybody's excited to play we had really productive fall, campaign it's time to kick the ball off I know you're a guy that likes to look forward backward but I was a history teacher. Psychologically I'd like to turn. Back the hands of, time a little bit how important how big was that opening day win last year at. Chapel Hill what did they do for you the team the program to to get the, first win on the road, in SEC country, for your programs where we had a lot of respect for North Carolina and still do it was. A great, win for the program but it was it was one game and what's more important I think. Is how you build off of what happens in that first game and we learned. Some things we didn't play perfect but, we're able to go out there and, play well enough to to get a win and, we've learned a lot from that. Validate and, some of the things we were doing but it's a. New season a new team and we need to go? Out today and put force are put forth our best effort order? Win this. One, some coaches would like to have an extra four or five six practices before. The first game other. Other players with certain To have played their. First game about three weeks ago I think that's how players, thank what was the most pleasing aspect. Of your fall camp I think the competition I think throughout our. Roster we've? Created some more and more competition in the position groups and it? Was great to see those guys? Respond to, it so either players that started a year ago that got pushed this year there's there's some more depth that some positions we got to continue to build that at others but I thought it was really competitive, guys were focused and yeah it's a long long fall camp for those guys and they're always eager to kick it off and I know. It's about that time and. Everybody in our program, realizes that and they've done a good job or parents and now we gotta go put. It on display on Saturday all right there are three teams in this league the Pac, twelve conference that is return, eighteen starters you're, one of them Arizona and Washington the other two how important is.

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