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Listen live on air online or on the W. T. O. P. at six twenty whether on the aids and when it breaks crashes in Virginia on the outer loop of the beltway after the access for the George Washington parkway in Georgetown hike that was on the left shoulder now the lanes are getting high but all answer slow coming out of it says to the two seventy spurned river road across the legion bridge sixty six west bound after Nutley St Vienna metro the crash along the far left side I think it's still blocking the HOV lane west bound and then we're heavy from the beltway out toward that crashed with the audit volume delays have eased her Centerville in Anastos ninety five south on main slow though in volume delays from Newington to Woodbridge and beyond one twenty three I without further delay into prince William and Stafford county on ninety five in merrily between the beltway's delays in east Baltimore Washington parkway is still having your thirty two west of two ninety five crash on thirty two had blocked the left side a new crash report on route one hundred west of two ninety five that was their coca Cola driving could potentially cause a delay route fifty no delay between the belt when the bay bridge downtown Washington between China town and city centres several blocks of H. street northwest remain closed for a police investigation following a shooting seven street and twelfth street are both open north and southbound on both sides of this investigation and police activity a fresh definition of what active at all living should be van meter birch what offers the convenience is a bramble in Virginia number one award winning community live life and full color is a van meter homes dot com slash birch what they've told I WTOP traffic mostly cloudy skies right now on the evening commute but for the most part we are dry watch for standing water out on the roadways from today's rain and yesterday's rain.

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