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Who have gone on to the gone on to the NFL and been stars. CD lamb Mark Andrews, you've got a lot of playmakers who've come through there in recent years. And so you got to sustain that. What'll be interesting? And this is kind of a little bit in the weeds, but one of the knocks on as prolific as the system that Jeff lobby is coming from is some of the receivers who've come from that system have really underwhelmed when they've gone on to the NFL. It's not to say that the system doesn't work. Is an effective in college, but I think that will be something to keep an eye on because, you know, is that going to be something that will get recruited against them? I think that's a point that's out there in coaching circles. You know one of the kind of going around at the national title game, we thought last summer for sure, there's no way Oklahoma in Texas are going to stay in the big 12 for another four years. And what's starting to become apparent is, at least OU is not looking to get out early. They're content to wait till 2025. They don't want to pay all that money. And I and I don't know if this is part of the reasoning or not. But this does give you a nice opportunity. Brent venom is a nice opportunity to ramp up to go through several recruiting cycles of possibly transforming the roster to fit better in the SEC because at the end of the day he had some really good teams that ran through the big 12 and then got to the playoff and got killed by an LSU. So am more physical team with certainly better players in the defensive front. You've got Jeff levy who is shown you can run a really wide open offense in the SEC. Yeah, maybe he's the guy more so than Lincoln Riley to turn them into more of an SEC team. Or SEC ready team, but man, that is some tough. That is a tough act to follow. Well, let's put it that way. Michael donlin says with Deion Sanders pulling such high level talent to Jackson state, how long before and I assume he means FBS schools start courting him, which schools do you think would be interested? And do you think he would be interested? I think he would be interested in, and the one that will be very interesting to keep an eye on. And look, I think there were some rumblings about Mike norwell's tenure at Florida state. He's gone heavy in the portal. He's done pretty well in the portal, but he's got a win soon, right? And I think he hasn't been in a bowl game yet. He's 8 and 13 and two years. He had a really rough start to 2021. Dion has been open about his intrigue and the situation there in Tallahassee. I think they'll keep winning. You know, if he goes from three ones to 5 wins and gets them to 7 or 8, I think that would be encouraging enough to Florida state. But if he has another year where don't go to a bowl game, I think that would be very hard for them to be like, okay, we're gonna ride it out, especially if Dion looked the other one was like the FCS coach of the year. If he keeps winning and keeps getting bigger recruits, I could see there being a lot of push right now, or at least for the first half of Dion's relatively brief tenure. In FCS, has really come from people he knows in NFL circles talking about why people are making a mistake by not higher in Dion. And a lot of them have been like what they've said, Dion's been a lot better than most people who are skeptical have thought. I think if he keeps doing that and Florida state doesn't get it going soon, I think that would be a very there'll be a lot of pressure put on Florida state to go. You guys need to bring Dion home. But what happened on signing day of him not just pulling the number one recruit in the country would have been a big deal no matter who the guy was, but the fact that he was a Florida state commit, was kind of like an audition to for that Florida state job. And I agree, Mike and ralston had a tremendous pressure. Because not only will there be calls for his job, there will be calls for a very specific candidate to replace him. And I've no doubt there will be a strong push for Dion. If that situation plays out, but I also don't think Dion we should mention has interviewed for a few FPS jobs, including TCU. So he's already on some AD's radar. At least he was already on some 80s radars even before that signing day massive headline that I'm sure is going to make even more schools to take him seriously. The last one from Michael galvin and Agora hills, California, with the news coming out about Todd Graham, who was who resigned from Hawaii late last week after just nonstop. I feel like over the last month players, former players coming out and alleging mistreatment, how did this guy have top level jobs to begin with? It sounds like there's an open secret in the coaching world. How did this get passed? All of his 80s, including the current. Well, as it relates to the current one at Hawaii, from everything I've heard, there's just a staggering amount of incompetence in that athletic program and really just it has very limited resources. Todd Graham, for all his faults, and we're going to get into some of them in a minute. You know, at least he won some games on the field. I think the aspect of him being in control, he was such a bad fit in terms of culturally out there. You hear a lot of stories about how a lot came out on that Friday night three hour meeting, but there's a lot of other stuff that hasn't come out about. And this has been like, I remember when he got to ASU and I felt like I got a lot of at least on social media blowback from fans because I was pretty critical because all the people I've heard from whom either coached with them or played for them or worked around them who the only other coach that I know of in major college football over the last decade who has as close to a bad reputation amongst his peers as Todd Graham does is Bobby petrino. It's like those two. And there's like a gulf between. I'm not saying it's pretty rare where you won't find other coaches to have something negative to say about somebody in the business, but the depth of the disdain for Todd Graham in about what they think of him like petrino is the only one I've heard who kind of get is into that space and petrino he's won a lot more games. So I think that's why he ended up getting some probably better jobs and still was getting jobs. But you talk to not anyone. You talk to a lot of people who've worked with them and it is next level venom you get. Yeah, and it's not just coaches. People who've covered him. TV people, I've never there's rarely anybody that just has so many so many people that come into contact with him are just totally turned off. Now, so to me, to his question, that speaks to how little vetting the Hawaii AD must have done. Because it should not have taken many phone calls. I'm sure Tod Graham has friends and people in the profession he's worked with who vouch for him. But it doesn't seem to be able to take in many phone calls to find people who are like, no, no, no, no, no. You don't want to do that. And here's why. I think you probably got caught up in all this guy was a PAC 12 head coach. By the way, people forget this, but ASU fans were not pleased when they fired him. I think that kind of went away once they got Herm Edwards. But they felt like he was doing a good job. So, but to your point about fit. I mean, I've spent a lot of time in hawai go every year and you get a window into this also through even if you've never been to Hawaii, if you think of Marcus Mariota or some of the other players that have come from there, the people in Hawaii are the nicest, most welcoming people and I just can't think of better worse fit in terms of personality than for him to go in and coach a bunch of guys in Hawaii. And wow, I mean, the pile on. They had a hearing. They had a state Senate hearing about this guy. That's how troubling it was to people. Yeah. As always, you can send.

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