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And Christian to impact in that raid for RIC. Flair's hall of fame appearance. Yep. Yep. So, yeah, I, I mean, it's not completely, but did Christian. I think he just made an appearance, didn't it? Yeah. Kevin owns could just make an appearance. He doesn't actually Russell. Oh, totally. Yeah, I don't think Kevin's wrestles. I think if he shows up what about the negotiating together news this week, talk about that. And if a gesture of o on all in is part of a rolling the red carpet out negotiating tactic to try to get a collective group of big name. Free agent signings for early twenty nineteen. Make no mistake about it. WWE wants these guys when they want them badly. They, I mean, everything is just working out so well, if for Cody, Kenny, the box and Adam page. Now somebody told me that oral h didn't even realize Adam pages deal was up this year. The, you know that one kind of surprised them that he's free to and the guy who's kind of the odd-man-out is mardi screw apparently because I was wondering like, why isn't Cody Michigan him? He's such a big part of the elite and all of that. But yeah, it sounds like his deal goes a little longer. So he's on able to leave if he wanted to even. So. I mean, it's just like the timing is so perfect. You have the all in event. You have already late and new Japan to some extent, poking the bear by running. I mess g the night before wrestlemainia. I mean, my God. Could this work out any better for these guy and WWE? It's this massive television deal. It's I think they're going to be offered sick money to make that jump when they say package deal. I don't think it's, you know, we all make the same. I don't. Think it's anything like that. Right. So you know, like an atom page, I think is gonna make less than a kennel mega, but it's an interesting approach. I, I'm curious to see if they follow through on it because it sounds really good with if you feel like, hey, everything's gonna go the way. You know it's looking like, let's say Kenny omega is like I live in Japan guys. I, I love it here. I, I wanna stay here. I like what I'm doing. I'm making great money, WWE's enticing, but I just want to continue to grow this brand. And it sounds like the wrestler, like, yeah, you know what we can do that Kenny and later. But WWE made this great offer, Kenny. What happens then? I mean it so it's it's one thing to stay your your package deal and then to actually fall through on it. I mean, deserve people with him, different ideas. Naturally, everybody's different. And so if it starts, I wouldn't be shocked if it starts package thing and. Then you know somebody decides, oh, you guys are gonna go there. I really like that offer that I was being made here. I'm gonna do this. So we'll see. I mean, maybe there firm in this. I guess I, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. If you say, hey, we're a package deal, and then when push comes to shove, somebody wanted to do something different. But I do wonder, is there with WGN America being part of this, and that may be ring of honor connection that you know isn't gonna go anywhere now because of the the issues between Sinclair broadcast group in WGN. But I mean, it's, are they looking to do their own thing that could they say, yeah, we could make all this money from WWE or we could make good money from ring of honor and new Japan or what. What about this whole in thing? What if we do this somebody, somebody brought up the idea that you know if they were in their shoes, they would. Everyone assumes it's going to be a first of the year kind of thing right after the Tokyo dome show is when everyone's gonna decide either re-sign or. Head elsewhere and somebody said, well, what if you run another all in show sometime in the spring before wrestlemania it'll probably do really well if this one goes well and then.

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