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Call issue on social media anytime far marshall shows up at a party you have though by the way we're normally means you're in pretty good spot normally parties doing pretty well okay here we go the cops fuck cops no no no at somebody counting how many people that's good knows probably will too well we probably a little too tuned up this problem every once in a while i mean to a bunch of your boys the boys are buzzing you'll to tuned up i got the solution what k all right drink aid dom as we knew that we're excited to share with you today's episode is brought to you by new friends at drink eight formerly known as never to hung over drink aid is the official drink before you drink that makes then go out and drink yeah drank drink drink drink on you drink it warm meeting what's the best way to know you definitely want to drink a cold let me tell you why because it's the revolutionary formula filled with vitamins and supplements that helps you feel great in the morning after a night out just take the three point four ounce bottle before you drink because everyone needs to know how big it is which works by helping neutralize toxins restoring vital nutrients in rehydrating the body zito so you don't starve yourself going out drinking and feeling great sounds pretty good thus right great yes it would be great to be able to do that again yeah man right it's been years years not immortal you know why new friend alert drink it new friends maybe twenty again yeah so when we got the samples that they send our way we were all about it not your face though you know just your liver by hangover step.

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