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It the other thought each one of you to be a one eight hundred six ten WTVN this is not a matter of if again but when but sports you know sports betting in Ohio is going to be it's going to be legal here probably within the next year year and a half I would imagine and then I'm just hoping that the casino is the one who's going to be having control over this because it's a gamble laying it and casinos should be handling gambling traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tense of ten star eating corn products W. unfortunate rain maybe start to turn to some snow in some spots especially to our west and the north west in particular if you head for date and certainly here to see this turning to snow but again if you're headed up towards a two seventy Dublin area of thirty three the Union County district were already transitioning to snow as well so give that extra six stopping distance on the way home police blocking both directions of Wilson road near valley view go head maybe pick up Hague Avenue was a detour or Philippi between Fisher and broad accident scene earlier makan road south of Broad Street yet to clear and one on the Broad Street west of three fifteen again Franklinton traffic sponsored by discover get your free credit score card today even if you're not a discover customer data Kluger fight credit score checking your score card will hurt your credit learn more discover dot com slash credit score card limitations apply traffic and weather every ten minutes on the on the tens from temp star and header heating and cooling in next updates at five thirty I'm John Hill newsradio six ten W. TV ABC six first warning weather chief meteorologist Marshall make peace as a winter weather advisory for most of central Ohio to this evening and into tomorrow morning slippery conditions likely snow will.

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