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There are no assigned seats on a southwest airlines flight. That means your net seat. Seat-mate could be chest about anyone. Hi i'm quentin jenkins. I li community outreach. At southwest airlines and welcome to. It's this seat. Open on this podcast. We'll hear twenty stories from south west history from people like chief marketing officer ryan green. Leave it to southwest airlines to save the company by offering a bunch of free booze managing director of culture and engagement. Whitney achinger all of it. Coming together was probably the greatest piece of humor. I've ever seen at southwest and retired vice president of cargo and charter matt. Luckily i look back on it. I get goosebumps. Sit back relax and enjoy stories of south west fifty years of flying. Because you never know who. You'll meet the next time you hear. Is this seat open for doing. And we're back. Pick up our conversation with actor. Kate winslet and my podcast colleague. Got the envelope. Yvonne yvonne winslett how she adopted a very specific american accent for her role in the hbo series mayor of east town. Well we must talk about the accent. Eve done many accents in your career. But how did nailing down the delco accent compared because i wonder how mayors mindset of this idea of being lost in broken. How does that figure into you. Finding that voice for her and how that weighs into her voice or influences it. It's interesting because i realized that as i was learning the dialects it was definitely affecting the emotional register of the voice. I was kind of finding for matt. I'm actually how register is a bit deeper. The my own you know. My voice is quite bright. And spiky. And i go up and down lot. I guess sort of like a bouncy tone to my voice and quite clip. I think to an american air. That's how english people speak and we kind of is sort of like a snappy tippy way of talking whereas the delco is much more like that and it's like down and flutter and it sort of much more than that of a voice that exists really inside the body. I know that sounds crazy. But you know some voices can be right up in in the head you know quite nasal for example but with the delco dialect. The there's something about the you know the quality of it that's just way lower and you know kind of you know just it's still sort of in entrenched in houma was you know. Sort of embedded emotionally into her. Because she did she was born there. She was raised there. I had to pretty darn pretty done well and it was. It was suppose little crazy making you know. I'm not going to pretend it wasn't but for me. The thing the reason it was crazy making actually is because there are sounds that are made within the delaware county the delco dialect that are very strong and could easily be pushed into a sort of a caricature. Uri voice and i did want to create a voice. I wanted to create a person. I had lots of dialect samples of local people and there was one woman named trish. Loria highs trish loria. I used to listen to every single day on the way to work every single morning in the call and on the way home. Same thing so her voice would set me up. Love that trish loria yeah. It's all dedicated. Trish loria. I also need to hear more about walk. 'cause i know brad. The show's creator. Really encourage you to visit it to get a sense of the vibe when you first got to town chocolate. A bit about what that did for you like how you absorb that into your character before. I started filming. I was preparing researching doing my stuff. That i always do for probably about five or six months beforehand and i thought how do i even connect with where i'm going. So why subscribe to the delco times so it would read this newspaper every day so to me it kind of became this it almost felt like mythical place wa wa but by the time i got that i was like it was like lapland onto to sort of finally walk through the door of a wa wa. I don't know i felt like how. Yes i'm one of the things. I really enjoyed in the series. Are your characters interactions with her mother. Who is played by. Jean smart the to balance each other in such an interesting way. You know the way they speak to. Each other is so real and genuine like the conversations and frustrations between mothers and daughters. How was gene as a scene partner. Oh jane was just she was just terrific. I mean she the comic timing you know is she can turn huma into punctuation by just doing an inhalation of breasts. In a certain way. And a flicker of an eye on i would just be in fits. Sometimes we couldn't really look at each other too much because we would just crack up laughing the great thing about the relationship that we have on screen had an in math is that they love each other so much but they get stuck with how supposed to kind of express that or show that must not really great with huge displays of love and affection particularly in a family way. She's always like hey you know. Just don't be like don't do that. Like sort of issues with things like that so so. Yeah maron helen. You know well how list with her what we were saying. So you know to matriarchs in the one house. We'll that's tricky. That's tricky thing. Very tricky thing. I just don't always get along. Didn't always see eye to eye. You know but they have this sort of honesty gene where they just can't help. They just can't resist being brutally honest with one another sometimes to the point of being so tactless that it's just rude. You know typical mother and daughter spots that would often result in the slinging of like caustic verbal grenades and sometimes food as well. Thanks but it was great and we we would improvise law and look out for each other. You know she'd often saves me honey. I should try. This should i. Shall he just try. Hey i wanna try something. I just try that. Maybe no well that work. Let's say yeah. Give the gauche go okay. Okay okay. i'll try. I'll try and then she'd do something awfully brilliant. A through line of the series is the trauma and abuse of women. And i i wondered if playing a detective who is so close to those experiences sort of changed or shaped your understanding.

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