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The voice of prince charming in the short films and now taking on the role of writer director and star of the new film the happy prince monaco's ben ryan admits him recently to talk about is on has been intelligence which as me that using almost is highly of the play never this friend of yours oscar wilde uses chris definitely planned to be famous first of all i decided i was judy andrew's daughter after i saw mary poppins that windham for bit then i stopped and then when i started acting in the school plays i built myself addressing room on the fire escape which had weeks stans makeup table mirror with bulbs rounded telegrams from famous people saying have good luck downing your intestine to telephones pick up and talk to asians in italy and stuff like that and actually was pretty accurate really and people come up to my dressing room and obviously everyone else in the school thought i was insane and then the master who's in charge of fire self health and safety dismantle this because it was on the fire escape so i was with the rest of them what did you wanna be famous even back then what did you think being famous was just being very glamorous and knowing rudolph nuryev and margot fontaine and was much smaller and of much more humble ready than today's idea fame being in hollywood and starring julie andrews as we all i really thought about being in a film julia andrews aside from julie andrews who were the the famous people that you were thinking back than who you idolizing with the people that made you think this is something i not only want but could possibly have would you andrews just julie i i don't the person's bit tragic but yet i really just julie then a little bit later my at about the age of fourteen when i went to a bigger school we started seeing other things and i then so franken released romeo and juliet and that kind of really determine my head to partly because i love the way looked in the old days in england every saturday and sunday there were old movies then i discovered bette davis asia fourteen and a half just as puberty was coming on and that was.

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