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I know it's contributing to the company because they're just doing great work but they're not exactly as as as engaged with the team is i'd like for them to be do i need to find them a different setting to share their information is it is it because they don't like a team meeting or what do i need to do what do i do you do about that some people are afraid of big group and that alone is like a scare for them so if you know a little bit more about whether they're more introverted because sometimes it's harder i'll give you the best story about an introvert and stepping up to a different different ways speaking she was introverted very very smart brilliant an actuarial business inside of a larger business and the assessor to see if she could be elevators in the company or should she stay an expert send me a subject matter expert and i watched her talk to her and i thought oh my god the contribution she could make this company if i could only get her open up in the next with the people and not be afraid i said i want you to go into the meeting starts going with the people in the meeting there were a lot of men but that was that was challenging and i said shake shake can look them in the i looked in the is important not to shake him and say hi how are you you know how you doing you were meant to be something last week and i haven't stopped thinking about it something that helps you engaged with them value them in your life shifting line right here he did it and she did it and then all of a sudden she'd go into a meeting she'd have ideas but she always had but somebody said it before her and she has three seconds.

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