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Officer fatalities Craig Floyd from the national law enforcement officers memorial fund says it's only getting worse in California this year eleven officers gave the ultimate sacrifice, including officer Ranil Singh who was gunned down during a traffic. Stop earlier this week firearm related deaths. Among officers are up fifteen percent from last year. It says there are many programs across the state to produce officer safety lawmakers can do better with harsher sentences for repeat violent offenders and funding for escalation training and more bulletproof vests, vests have saved over three thousand law enforcement officer lives. A former KFB K personality is believed to have died of an overdose. In Glendale this week. Chris boroughs was found not breathing Thursday afternoon in a days in and was pronounced dead at the hospital. The forty-three year old was also a TV anchor at KTLA in Los Angeles. But it spent six years in Sacramento in addition to filling in for kitty O'Neil and as. An evening talk show host boroughs, also anchored on good day, Sacramento. CBS thirteen this morning show. He survived by his wife and a nine year old daughter. Citrus heights. Police are investigating a hit and run accident where the victim crashed through the windshield and came to rest inside the suspect's vehicle. It happened around five forty yesterday afternoon along Auburn boulevard. Police say twenty seven year old woman was riding a skateboard when she was hit the crash was so violent or body smashed through the car's windshield and landed in the passenger compartment with major injuries police Lieutenant David Gutierrez Till's KFB. He's never seen a case quite like, this did she survive, but she had the strength and the wherewithal to somehow utilize her phone to to give us a call police found her at a short time later, they arrested the alleged driver identified a seventeen year old angel who air-to-air Sacramento he was booked on felony DUI hit and run and kidnapping after he drove several blocks with the victims still in his car. George Sampson NewsRadio KFB K eastbound highway fifty at Mayfield road is back open after a shooting in the area. Earlier in the day is at least one person injured, we believe the person injuries are nonlife threatening at this point Sacramento. Sheriff Sean Hampton says officials don't think this was a random act and the people in the car were targeted. However, a motive for the shooting is still unclear police in Stockton and Sacramento, both reported crowds of teenagers created problems outside of malls. In both cities on the night after Christmas at the Webber's town mall in Stockton about. Fifteen. Police officers were called to help mall security just before closing time on Wednesday night as a group of about one hundred teens in young adults gathered outside them all it was a year. Exactly after a similar gathering led to fights and other disturbances at the same place. Nobody was arrested or hurt. But at the same time here in Sacramento police were also called to the Arden fair mall. After a series of fights broke out inside just before it closed on Wednesday night, some of that activity spill. Out into the parking lot. Police reportedly detained a handful of people, but it's not clear if any were arrested or booked while it does not appear. There was any direct coordination between the two incidents. Police are worried about the possibility of it becoming an annual issue. Greg Fishman, NewsRadio KFB K five. Oh, six at NewsRadio. K F B K and time to check our traffic. Trouble spot with Dana half of people heading this way through Davis right now. Eastbound eighty from northbound one thirteen all the way to the causeway, so you make sure you get their lights on out there. And to have saved drive. We'll get a complete check of traffic and weather together in three minutes. Plus there may be another migrant caravan.

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