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And you tell them your friend your buddy sean hannity said quietly she waits ready to unleash your world of information all you have to do is ask you don't even have to ask nicely i literally have nothing else to do alexa play talkradio six eighty wcbs thanks for asking you're listening to safe retirement solutions with rod barohi this is rosborough a vacuum break here on wcbs i am your financial consultant on cbs on wcbs i want to say congratulations to my again to my good friend sean hannity if you're just tuning in sean has achieved the time top one hundred most influential leaders in the world my friend i really you know you talk about a hard working guy but my friend sean hannity now and he didn't achieve the top one hundred in the artist or entertainer category he's he's he's in he's in the top one hundred leader category right up there with president donald trump china's president xi jinping saudi crown prince mohammad bin salman and many of the other top world leaders i mean think about it i mean this is an important this is a wonderful achievement so congratulations again to my friend sean hannity hard working guy does does a three hour radio show by the way it's here every day monday through friday on wcbs and by the way from three to six and then he does his tv show every evening monday through friday now i'm not gonna try to beat my friend sean hannity for some of the crummy jobs we've ever had as many of you know i started if you've been a regular if you're a constant listener if you're not but but i started working when i was twelve years old i got a paper route remember when you had a paper boy who came around and delivered you newspaper i had a paper route for the baltimore news american and what a great job but the dance i was seven days a week yeah you had to get out there whether it was sunny warm bitter cold to feet of snow people expected to get their newspapers and but anyway so then when i.

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