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I don't i this we're entering stretch of albums that i have no connection yeah that i don't know anything adventures being the first you adventures being like i at least listened to several of the songs off monster several of the songs off out of time several of the songs off automatic but these are albums that i know anything about so very excited to listen to this record because very pleasantly surprised by new adventures in hi fi how much i liked a lot of the songs similarly long to new adventures this album is sixty four and a half minutes long or teen songs fourteen songs so but going into it i'm excited because that was similar to hi fi and i figured this lake a few minutes shorter than yeah i believe hifis the longest album so it's like somewhere around yeah okay all right so this is the first real evidence we have of as they call it the three legged dog yep which comes from a quote i believe michael stipe said where it's like even if you cut off one of or or a dog has one of its legs amputated it's still a dog and it needs to learn to walk again yes this is the first evidence we have of the three legged dog now known as rem this is the first song on the album this airport man airport airport.

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