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But the just kind of looks he looks like a looks like a fuck boy looked like a fuck boy any dances and normally. Fucking hate him. But when he scoring on our snow when he's fucking dancing at the emerets. I'm just like, okay. This was my fuck boy. And I fought with him. Yeah. Martin absolutely. If he was my fuck boy, I'd love him to death. And you know, I can't deny his talent. I mean, the guys just amazing against us. And he's been very consistent as of late for you. So he's absolutely great talent. And he just loves shows putting my face in it like when a dog takes shit just put my face in it. So that's basically you watching this point have. I mean, you got to you got what a couple more days one more week in this January transfer window and the only rumors that I've seen about arsenal. Are you signing a PS g midfielder a young kid and passage from Inter Milan? Why is the folk is not on a fucking defender? You obviously need defense in have needed it for Faulk if I know long as time. Yeah. Actually, the January transfer window ends Thursday. So that's going to be, you know, we're probably gonna be talking a lot about that for Friday's episode as well saying like who were there any major changes because there's usually one there's always that one where it's like, oh did not see that happening. So we'll be like the Fernando Torres or you know, happened on the last day of the transfer window. We'll see, but yeah, I don't know. Like, there's this great tweet said like could you imagine a bomb on luck? Zet Paris in ozo- like standing there. With their hands on their hips. Walled are shitty. Backline gives away. Another dumb goal. Like, so obviously that'd be fun to watch. But I just know like when they give the ball away. It's not going to be fun. So I don't know what we're doing. We definitely need something like what I would give for like a coup. Bali Kula Bali can never say his name right from Napoli, or you know, Virgil Van Dyke big ass defender. You know, I feel like Socrates is definitely been good. But he's just dumb like he gives away dumb fouls in front of the penalty box. All the time and dangerous areas. I feel like we just don't have any discipline which is just really disappointing very like evident in this game. Yeah. I definitely think that you need to target a defender. But I think Socrates is jock of last year. He's he's a big bumbling fucking player from the Buddha's league just like shock and he's used a rougher play. So he'll give away that stupid penalty from time to time and make make you fucking curse his name. But he's definitely a presence in y'all's back line. So you need someone need like centreback pair with him to calm him the Faulk down like Rio envisage where vigils just the animal and chained and Rio was a fucking animal, but he used to comb shut down. So I think that should desperately target rather than fucking Paris. I think you're attack is perfectly fine. I don't see the need. Yeah. Peirce itch, especially the fact that he's what twenty nine thirty. Yeah. I mean, there is this great tweet which I've referenced before it's by. Taibang from the who kicked the corner flag podcast, which we've been on. He had a tweet the said are attacking front is top six our midfield is like mid table. And our back line is like the bottom of the table. Like relegation-zone is like very strange. They have like every layer the Premier League in one team. So I don't know. There's definitely a lot of work to be done like each week. It's either super highs or super-low arsenal. There's no consistency that I can see. Are we done dancing on my grave? Can we move on? Let's move on. Okay. Before he moved to a game. I really wanna touch upon. I didn't wanna say Swansea city. Gillingham swans are back. Welcome back. Bob, bradley. Welcome back Swazi. We're coming back to the Premier League. Let's go. Let's go swans. Let's go Wales. Okay. I hate you so much so fucking much also Darby one. So Franklin part is a good coach confirmed the game. I want to touch upon is the Millwall Everton game. Not only for the amazing upset by Millwall which essentially is going to kick Everton out of the Cup. Or did it did actually?.

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