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David ventured demands total control over almost all aspects of moviemaking and studios are less willing than ever to grant that control and so the kinds of movies that he's wanted to make, and there are a great many unmade David fincher projects we. We will talk about I think in in the episode later this week but. He's tried to get a lot of things off the ground in recent years and hasn't been able to get in and ultimately it seems like certainly there are budgetary concerns because they don't make the kind of mid level thriller that we love on this show that he excels at, and also because studios want control of things, they want to be able to run things and David fincher wants to run things. So I'm curious what you guys think about kind of his standing in the modern movie culture make notwithstanding because we haven't seen it and you know if you think there are maybe some other reasons why he hasn't been as productive as movie maker in the last half decade. To hear him because he doesn't get offered those movies for the exact reasons that you're saying but I think I think he'd be willing to participate I mean look he's not like a snob. He makes adaptations of bestselling novels and huge stories, facebook, Gillian Flynn bestsellers, and you know. If you if you. If somebody was like seven is coming out in three months. You'll be like that's going to be a hit like the idea behind these movies is usually incredibly. Mainstream. Accessible mass-appeal movies I think the real reason is that most movies that get made and get pushed now are made with an idea towards making several. Sequels and several and making them part of a franchise and using them as part of a launching pad for a larger three, hundred and sixty degree multi-platform effort and. That requires the participation and sign off like so many people. And ultimately, David fincher does not want to probably. Shared his vision with Kevin. Or whoever you know what I mean like David, your might make an incredible marvel movie, but he's going to make it the best way he wants to make it not so that they can also do for. God of thunder in three years you know like it it it's not. It's not about like setting anything else other than the way. The best way to tell the story men, what do you think? Why do you think he is not as much in the center of movie? Culture? Right now. Well I think everything that you guys said is true and I just want to say like Kinda onset strategy aside, just the ability to be like, no, we can't do it my way. So I'm not going to do it that that's inspiring to me. That is the definition of success like David fincher made it. That's exhilarating I. I would also point out that he's been making minehunter and seems pretty involved in that and that sure seems like it takes a Lotta time definitely takes a lot of time to watch it so. And he has. He was at the forefront of. Prestige directors switch into TV and kind of making premium tv what it is so. You can read that a Lotta different ways that sure seems like he just has more control and possibility. In td right specifically with mine hunter and you know things take time. The church seems like his projects take time on the flip of what you're talking about Sean and Amanda you know we. There's one conversation about like why isn't fincher more part of mainstream filmmaking these days hasn't made a few in awhile and obviously..

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