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All right thank you both and Dave Bowers is here Dave you are sponsored by the salvation army and we had some wonderful sunshine earlier that has disappeared into the clouds and I guess this is a story for the next twenty four hours or so the Laurie we are gonna see a lot of clouds here tonight is actually associated with a warm front which coming back into New England but no precipitation here for at least the evening hours so there could be a spotty shower toward the daybreak temperatures be in the middle sixties but you'll certainly notice of change the air mass here tomorrow instead of low seventies like we have right now we're going to jump into the middle eighties and it's gonna be more human and they'll be some breaks of sun but that doesn't stick around long the next cold front is currently out over Lake Michigan now that could touch off a shower thunderstorm late today or tomorrow evening it'll be spotty but on the other side of it that he gets cooler again on Thursday just leftover clouds less humid about seventy one and beautiful day on Friday mostly sunny in sixty nine degrees I'm accu weather reading around the state of ours WBZ Boston's newsradio already thank you and again we're in the sixties and seventies mostly cloudy pretty much everywhere with the exception of Chatham that elbow getting a break with some sun it's amazing what the value of a used vehicle has only human life consider donating your vehicle to the salvation army the pick it up at no charge and give you an IRS approved receive your generosity provides new direction for those struggling with alcohol and other drugs call eight hundred SA truck or visit SA truck dot or. five twenty five New England business sponsored this hour by Boston interiors upholstery sale and a piece of Boston history is closing today well maybe not exactly today but it's closing Doyle's in Jamaica plain first opened in eighteen eighty two what a history but according to the globe owner Jerry Burke junior will close its doors in a month or two he's selling the pubs liquor license to dobby heroes which will use it for the huge big restaurant plan for the former site of Anthony's pier four trade issues between the US and China taking a bite out of local business business confidence for August is down five percent over uncertainty on terrace employers are beginning to worry too about the nation's economic future brexit isn't helping also making some companies nervous and remember the old planet fitness.

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