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Pandemic hangover type thing or what, but I'm, you know, mildly excited about the Thor, love and thunder. So I'd put that at number 5 for me. The Elvis movie from baz luhrmann, I'm still really intrigued by I know you have your skepticism when it comes to lower men. But Elvis, I'm going to see what I'm going to see what we've got there. Could be interesting. Here's a really under the radar one that popped up only to me on in my research. And it's Neptune frost, which is coming to theaters June 3. I'm just going to read this description from IndieWire Jude dry. Again, writing on IndieWire, the experimental afrofuturist musical from multidisciplinary artist Saul Williams and anasa Yemen defies categorization, which is what makes it so exciting and confounding. Part contemporary operetta part anarchist sci-fi saga, the dream like tale follows a gender shifting soothsayer and an off the grid hacker enclave as they Dodge the ravages of a senseless resource war. So after I've recovered from men, hopefully I will be ready for Neptune frost, which just sounds possibly quite dazzling. Crimes of the future, the new cronenberg, that's my second most anticipated, of course, which we've mentioned, I think, comes out in June, and then Jordan Peele's nope is at the top of my list. Can not wait. Okay. Well, you said anything could be great, and I was all in on that bubbly optimism, Josh. I was going to adopt it. It was going to be my whole new mantra. Not your right movies on life. Really? So struck a chord and then you mentioned baz luhrmann's Elvis and does not hold does not hold. No, I know I can't go there. My top 5, well, I've got a top four and we've mentioned all of them. So I don't really have a lot to add. If I was going just strictly in order of the movies I most want to see, at number four, I'd have the Miller, 3000 years of longing. Number three men, the Alex Garland film, we're going to talk about next week. Number two, or no, it's really number one. Okay, fine. I'm going to go nope at number two. And yeah, damn it. I'm going Top Gun: Maverick at number one. I mean, at this point, you kind of have to. Yeah, I have to. My number 5 might either be the cronenberg though. Oh man, we talked about horror earlier, body horror makes me makes me squirm even more of course. So I'll be watching that with my eyes closed. I am, of course, very curious about the new Claire Denis as well talked about that a little was Steve procope last week as it's playing the Chicago critics film festival here coming up. The music box is called both sides of the blade. All I need to hear is that Juliet bonos is in it, but then Vincent London in it as well so good in teton. Last year, but maybe Josh, I would go with a little more populous choice. I am intrigued by the gray man, July 15th theaters, streaming on Netflix on the 22nd. I'm seeing some things about how it's supposed to be like Netflix's big tentpole movie of the year, their most expensive movie to date, which doesn't usually give me much confidence, but it comes to us from the Russo brothers and really why I'm excited is that it's a spy movie, which I'm usually a sucker for. Starring Ryan Gosling. You throw in Chris Evans and their former assassins or they formerly worked together at the CIA and now they're tracking each other sort of a cat and mouse game. I like those performers a lot. Add in on a day armus, Regé-Jean Page, who many may remember from the first season of Bridgerton. I have a feeling I will be plopping myself down on the couch if not in the theater around July 22nd to see the gray man on Netflix. And I suppose I have one other question. I'll stick in the art house here and I'll give you one more question, which is, am I ready for a Peter Strickland comedy? Peter Strickland. The filmmaker behind barbarian sound studio behind the duke of burgundy. There might be some elements in both of those films you would describe as humorous. I don't know what they would be, but if I remember someone could possibly pick out a few interesting scenes and then he's got a new film out called flux Gourmet, this is the description. Set at an institute devoted to culinary and alimentary performance. A collective finds itself embroiled in power struggles, artistic vendettas, and gastrointestinal disorders. So going to be a little bit of a head scratcher, as you would expect from Strickland, seems like it might make you a little bit uncomfortable at times as we talk about stomach problems in those gastrointestinal disorders. And yet it's supposed to be funny, Josh. Summer blockbuster sounds like stereotypical summer blockbuster to me. Apparently so those are our top 5 summer movie questions. 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