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That was Mister Finley. Wrote that with Sergio? John McLean Yes oh, oh! Wow. Own McCallum. There's some more maclean credits that. I've seen and I didn't think that was him. He was a land I. Blow We. You. I got a story about me and John Hit me. Well? John who I love dearly. Let me just start out pressing. Say Right now I do love him. Do I really do? He's the Kinda guy that you'll never get to love. 'cause. He just doesn't allow it. but I love him, and we spent a Lotta time together In seventy. Nine and the early eighties we spent a lot of time together, and I had this dream. We had this dream of forming a band that would that would be called PM. And Yeah and never happened. He's Detroit No. Here, but we, we hooked up somehow and and He was the first guy. That sounded like prints before Prince. That's how he played guitar. That John Maclean. Yep Man Yup that John mcguigan. If you do, you will win the price. We got him for this is. We can't find him and you know what sorry to say, but you probably won't. Really Yeah, he's that mysterious. You can Google anybody on the planet. I can't even if he walked right now with no never seen can't google. Stoney Jackson A. Picture of but know. Is it brothers? Yoga! By Now but don't. You can't find him. Wow Damn, so Medina is his way into the industry as an executive. The same way that Benny Medina was. Born. He's Benny Lord. Ottawa. Yeah Yeah. But no actually. Actually. Act Terrible. Actually I was so little. It but anyway. We need a theme for Great. or maybe I'll just come up with my own. Do a couple of spots, but anyway. Only. Don't don't write a check cash getting give. Birth. You might be surprised. Anyway so. Co had a group called PM. No, we had. We had the idea of of. A group that never came to fruition. What projects? Would okay. But. You know we did work together what? A TV series. The name of the producer escapes me right now, but. The show was called the righteous apples oh. My God They did a cover of. Let it. Go by Length learn your. It was a pages joint original Richard. Page enjoy, and then they did a cover of it the righteous apples. It was like they were like a high school. Yes, was this was? From Nova. Trying, to think of the name of the Creator, and the the writer and I can't for the life of me right now. Black Guy were he wore. Channel Assis. Thing and we wrote and produced songs for that show like Roller Elo. Yeah. As a matter of fact, I'm looking at IMDB Patriot and we'll continue. That's more. Is there another song called feels like the first time. Doesn't list just as one. K. But yeah. But. Yeah, we. We did that and that was the craziest season, isn't it? Yeah all. Free to that just show me. Yes, he was. John doesn't look like stoning and Thomas. Wow. Isn't that crazy? Ernest one? Calms bodyguard. That's hysterically broke my heart man. I. Through top, thank you. Win On the do Martin. Yeah, thank you. Wow, yes, that was my introduction a topper. There was the first thing that you scored or like for television. I think the only thing. Okay so mike. Lee, Anderson was sorry, really he was on an episode. Yeah, he was A. Member of just as a member of the band. I wouldn't I guess. You can call it a drama store S. Henderson what year eighty and eighty one on the show was on. Cocaine. Should down tour. You, believe. down. Heard of Michael Henderson's Rant, drunken rant and Japan, no. My God. Best thing like. I'm not breaking it down for nobody I'm not backing it up. Bobby. took. A while! They tried to. Like he's drunk and he's plan in front of feels like he's. For Audience Fourteen and you could hear people like us. He's responding to. Leave. Oh, that's okay. That's all right. Never? Look Eighty. Eighty four. Eighty four I. Think Norman Connors is German, but he takes its seven-minute buildup to sing going places. When he wrote. A. Fish. Like I did I was like damn like he gets into the full. You realize is going place. His son is lives in Philly and keeps taking it off. Because I can't. I can't find. I've got it. Ain't going nowhere. Have you ever seen version where they made a video to stone's throw stones throw? A animated. Best thing when. Date me, motherfucker yours right motherfucking. Next. This sounds better than Ray. Charles's. It sounds better than Oh buddy rich's. It sounds better than the. Past really pass those. Person People out, but this is just like you. Say. Which one is the ray whereas? -rupt. Scuffle between him and and the German had the time I was. Not Bernard but although I was fat had. You found. It was the player, but but. It was a scuffle between him, and the German and the drummer walked off, and that's all I know. No, it's all right. It went. Okay there's he's doing busted. And busted. Okay, and then someone gets on. The stage is I would doll you don't and raises. Bless your heart your heart. Dirty doll. It's a woman. She didn't know a guy. Basically like Ray must've did something wrong to a woman either slept with his wife you saw. Doll. Bless.

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