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Is. In I make him laugh, I, think is one of the best musical numbers in the movies, Oh yeah, and just an van de Elaborate choreographing and everything. You, know and it actually is a pretty decent story. It's the whole idea that talkies are coming back. Talkies are starting in so these people who were beautiful, but have horrible voices. have to transition and so The lead Her voice was dubbed by Debbie. Reynolds character. And then you later. Reveal that she's the one who actually was the voice so Yes, absolutely worth watching a not just for the musical, but it's actually a pretty decent. All, right, what do you got next for US So my next one is the producers. Good yeah, this is a late night edition. I was going today. I. Don't know if I liked this movie enough to have it on the list and then I remembered. The Producers Dash number two. That movie is. Absolutely hysterical! I'm talking about the Nathan Lane version that one has the songs and also Nathan Lane is. He elevates every single movie he's in. This will be doesn't need elevation, but like just having him in there is so. Good it's an it's so funny like rolling folklore laughing hysterical. It is one of my friends WHO's rewatching recently. And she pointed out, so it was made in nineteen, sixty seven, which is like. Twenty two years after the Holocaust. What was so recent she was like that would be like if someone had a like a musical and one of the plots was. They're making a musical about nine eleven. So offensive, but Mel Brooks is so funny..

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