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Two years after isis was driven out of Mosel street inside the mosque where al Baghdadi declared an Islamic state the slowly coming back to life between the damage shuttered shops there's a bakery a hardware store even a shop selling song birds got by Daddy Alan of eleven again due to him out so he'd a local amount was in the nearby at home during the day that Baghdad he roared up with dozens of bodyguards and strode to the pulpit by Daddy told worshippers he was the latest successor to an Islamic ruler known as of about Kerr thirteen centuries ago cut off caller ID on my Missy now what this should be quoted Abu Bakir speech when the Muslims chose him as their leader and he said you've chosen me as your caller but we did it ISIS in the U. S. backed battle to drive the moat destroyed this part of Mosul it killed thousands of people most families here have members killed either by ISIS during the battle over the city many are skeptical that he's dead and actually some of the people gathered around this tea shop I think the Iraqi who pronounced himself over Baqerabad Daddy supposedly from the city of Samara was a U. S. invention of faith that number if you were from Samarra like they say we would know his tribe says one of the imams friends who doesn't want to give his name they say the family al Baghdadi was said to have come from owns a restaurant and everyone knows their son wasn't an ISIS later so Micah so yeah I don't I don't we don't know ask America asked Donald Trump secede he says it's theater produced by America and Israel our solid sits nearby on the sidewalk the five year old son multimillion holds a plastic toy rifle almost as big as he is his father was a police officer.

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