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I'm going to be running the New York marathon for the first time this fall. What is your name and what do you do? My name is Jim. Hi. I'm senior vice. President of events for NEO donors in the race director of the New York City Marathon. So The New York City Marathon isn't until November wrecked. Are you doing as a race director right now in February? Well I mean plenty of things for the Marivan but at New York roadrunners. We're year round. Not FOR PROFIT. Lead produce about fifty races a year long as all sorts of other community programmes from us to seniors. So we're busy around almost every weekend we have a race so what does getting ready for a race. Look like like what's an example of a race. That's coming up soon. And what are you doing? It looks different depending on. What's going on right so what we call weekly races. We have a lot of races in Park Property Central Park Prospect Park in the lake. Usually someone of my team. I fifty fulltime people on my team and someone would own that everyone owns kind of portfolio events. Say run point an emmy. My senior team are there to support them and guide them through for them. When you get to the bigger things like the United Airlines. Nyc HALF IS NEXT MONTH THE POPULAR. Burgum half is in in May and then obviously the marathon. It comes all hands on deck and everyone owns kind of a peace within bringing altogether. What is the most fun one own do you think? Is there like a certain race that yourself does John Control? It's really a lot of them. obviously the marathon is like it's. It's not only in Vegas Marathon. The world is one of the biggest events and World Barnum and the the magic and feeling from that one. You can't be. There's some really really cool things. We do. The new balance thousand mile which has a lot of history to it or in the near committee which was the first all women's road race in the world. That's a ten K. ten K. starts outside of Central Park and finishes in the park about ten thousand women. It's a near forty nine. It started a couple of weeks before title. Nine in nineteen seventy two so take a lot of pride in that one. The pride run the Achilles impossibility. There's so many teams always jockeying for all of them. So I was reading another interview that you did saying your routine I think before the popular Brookland half or you started at twelve a m. You were out there. How can get roads blocked off where he would? Police tell us a little bit about your routine like the night before race. Is that typical? Well that's like behind a curtain type stuff right so we call it in. Our group called ducks on the pond. Above the water you see deduct gliding along below the water paddling. Like heck is it is not. We love we do. But it's not easy right. We are turning communities of courses and you got to do it in a very finite period of time and then you gotta disappear like you were never there so at a lot before the big street races for sure. It's a coming all night affair and then you know. Luckily working with the city agency partners here in New York City. No one puts on big events like they do so. We're going to do big things this city to do it in. And they're amazing partners. We couldn't is not just us in our own. This is the city. Come together to make these things happen. How many days in advance before the New York City Marathon? Do you have to start kind of reshuffling? The roads lots happens like well today. I I live outside the city right now. Do a pretty significant commute but I live in the city for a month before the marathon. My family got love them. They allow that to happen when you get post. Labor Day coming into the marathon. It's kind of all hands on deck. All the time is not a nine to five or for sure and he can roll up your sleeves and whatever it takes you never know. Yeah you were telling me before you start the enormously. Have a two hour commute do yeah and so then for that month before the marathon. Are you living out of an AIRBNB? I'm in a hotel right midtown. Nice to go from significant commuted basically no commute for. And how long are your days during that? I don't know it doesn't matter there's such adrenaline to it. Time goes out the window. Just whatever it takes. What are some examples of the little tasks that you're doing during that month that the average runner hopefully never thinks of or never has to deal? You don't want them to think of that as far the magic. They don't need to worry about that. We got it just. I want them to know. We got you covered. You know whatever can happen. This is new. York City is not a stadium or an arena. Right it's we're GonNa go twenty six point two miles through fibrous and the city keeps going right so there's water main breaks. You know. It's amazing bike lanes going in over the place like we always got to be able to hit the curve ball and roll with it and and figure it out with the city as we go things happen all the time But as far as what we do what is something that when wrong was poised to go wrong before last. November's race that your team had to deal anything goes wrong. It's just always challenges and you got to work through them right. So here's a specific one central Park West which is amazing roadway along the Post Finish area the marathon where we put our broadcast compound and lane went in there a month or two before the marathons. We had to work with the city to come up with a plan of how we're GonNa have broadcast compound there so we can show the world this amazing event but still have a bike lane. It's functional whatnot. Those type things. We had to work through old time. Broadcast Compound is so that folks who aren't in New York City or who have a loved one who is running a marathon kind of like get a window into what's happened so yeah I mean. The marathon is broadcast live across the country and in like hundred eighty territories around the world with the broadcast. Reach of over. Seven hundred million people to make that happen Rockets pound meaning like all the production trucks and generators and whatnot to to make the actual whereby broke has happened. It's not just an overnight thing that's about a week of work to get that all set up so you can broadcast nationally and internationally. It sounds like the kind of work that would go into broadcasting the Oscars or something going up broadcasting work right so a big part of our job is creating our venue right. We don't own the stadium. We create the venue. We operate it. We gotTA MAKE SURE. Everyone owns the properties and whatnot that we're going to utilize they're totally on board so my job is so much about relationships internally within our organization and externally with the city everyone has to be on the same page with what you're GonNa do before you do it because it's going to pop up real quick and then all sudden it's there. Yeah so you're kind of creating like a stadium that's into that new bike lay in the event. Exactly what's that conversation with? The city like to be able to plop a broadcasting confound bike laid the marathon itself is so ingrained into the culture. It's a cultural phenomenon. It is woven into the fabric of the city so when we talked to anyone at the mayor's Office of Special Events and my pd your FDA and wires sanitation parks. Everyone is just as invested in a New York City Marathon as we are so the conversations are amazing. Because it's always. How do we make this work together? It's not about us is about New York City in showing New York City to the rest of the world. That's where the world comes to run an amazing day as I'm sure you know yeah I was just GonNa say for listeners. Who might not live in New York? Who aren't familiar with the marathon. It really I WANNA say shots city is it kind of does like I live on for Avenue right next to the marathoner out on that day. You're like okay like if I'm going to go to Brunch has to be like on this side of the street. They're going to be thousands of runners river in this year's a huge year for us. It's going to be the fiftieth. Tcjc marathon right so yearlong celebration but that it only happens from history and time you know it. It's become accepted right is. It's disrupted for sure but then when you get to the point where like in Brooklyn Long Fourth Avenue. Leather fluid stations along there have four generations of families out there supporting it. They signed up the day after the marathon for the next year. And it's like part of being part of their community. There's also like that one hundred twenty five live musical acts out there. That happened for a long time with even outside of us. People just started showing up and playing music so we legitimize it valid decade or so ago and put them all in our permit so it's the community comes out and supports. Us event in his part of it so people live right in the neighborhood. That's passing through. It's kind of like a giant party. It's a huge party. Yeah we call it. Twenty six block party. This episode is brought to you by third love. Third love uses the measurements of millions of women to design flaws with all day.

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