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Together a little party for the L. O. T. and securing a venue was a nightmare that liquor was a nightmare and so it all came together perfectly that while we had wanted a kind of showcase kosher bills while he was in town I want to do something for you guys because you really ask nothing of us you guys advocate for our show you defend our show you support our show and you ask for nothing in return so I thought I'd be really cool to have you guys come in here and and have you watch us do we do it for us to experiences together so I want to thank all of you guys and thank you Brett for managing the ailing eighty five percent of the people who follow us on Twitter by not inviting them and inviting the important fifteen percent according to you it so and again thanks to Joe flash before forget for really conceptualizing the whole thing and all this hard work in putting this whole production together Joe Revo helping about Brian hobby because Seville's John sending it cetera shot out the jet's pizza for providing pizza for us was it was a big hit on a steady Carol with location yeah and thanks to that Wyler's and Ryan red beard for that that was amazing Beth where are you where is the bathroom area code this is this is really escalated quickly what was going to be a one man one bike challenge has now become a competitive contest where the lovely bath yet from the area is going to she thinks he can beat you she's wrong so we have here a chocolate whoopie pie and a pumpkin will be pie and I brought another chocolate too so good all right yeah so I wanna go Chaco Chaco action or to have a good chuckle pumpkin option action chocolate on chocolate now orients fitting large things like this in your mouth yeah know that okay so at some point I would have to do the play by play your yeah let me get ready so we have two giant will be pies it is a one byte challenge so you have to eat it all in one bite the first person to jam the whole thing in their mouth in one bite and swallow it will be declared the winner this is the first ever drew Karabagh live one bike challenge challenge yeah the two most this would be formidable but to me I'm looking at this with no I know I got I think I might have a problem with that one because it's got a little yeah with the pumpkin one yeah dude I just want and for me locally equitable's alright here's good luck to young lady John tell us down here we go and we'll be entering the will be pies in your mouth in three to but we have water this water is probably use that might have diseases on over there there you go that's true about three two one go really going for it all okay there is a love seat I'm not sure what's happening out baths will be pie crumbled into pieces in a really made a mess everywhere drew didn't really seem to get his in in one bite I will tell you that display that drew is putting on is beyond impressive he is maintained to get the whole thing in his mouth in one bite he appears to now be working on the swallowing or chewing process bath I hate to speak ill of her skill but it is not good she got about seventy five percent of it in her mouth the other is on the ground in my hand in on my feet well drew is working through I think there's this period once you get the whole item in your mouth were you just kind of let it you know so can with the saliva and all the other things that are in there and just let it digest so that's what we're looking at right now that does seem to be finishing up but I will say I don't feel comfortable giving her the W. because they're like I did say what the pie on her lap on my feet in the box it drew seems to really be coming to a conclusion here everything's wrap it up pretty pretty well bet please don't please don't she sees it are you okay okay no seeds okay there were noises are coming from bet that led me to believe she was struggling to breathe which is not good we don't want that this contest brought to you by Detwiler is get out there helping deal and meet everything you could ever want drew Geragos finished his will be pie can gradually since all hail all hail the one by king but if you don't mind if I could speak to the the runner up first Beth what happened what happened there where where did things go wrong if you don't okay this is not comfortable speaking I think there still might be so we'll be pie inter throat as well as all over me but I I think we witness today was a real spectacle of sportsmanship in while no it's okay what would happen if you'd like it did it just crumbled from but you got pushing too hard on your mind to it I was I was well it more hard unless yeah I thought it was going to be harder when you put in your mouth yeah yeah I did too it drew to you champ can you tell me about what was going through your mind specifically when you looked over you stop back struggling with her will be pie so you you know we're an honest type of radio program and I'll we're we're honest we pull we we pull no punches why would real were already a baby something happened with the for that's never happened in a one by challenger to buy challenge for me in the first first bite that I try to swallow the first little bit was too large hello hello yeah lives yes so my internal monologue does like don't die like real died from these people it is the right red beard insisted nobody died press would not be good and that's what he he said that he thought I know you'd go viral but please for my job trying not to die or have anyone die so I was taught string on that above about not dying right like I I didn't even want to win I just thought to myself I've got to somehow get this bite that I just took two big somehow down the wherever he has to go away from the esophagus yeah so that's what I was really focused on I didn't know what happened there yeah I was really glad to graphic disco because it would suck for ride red beard a few losses favor radio host and his job on the same day one of my top is fine he's going to be a.

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