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Georgia state representative be win represent part of metro atlanta house district eighty nine. The seat previously held by stacey abrams. She spent time in the legislature working to protect voting rights. And now she's running to be georgia's top election official secretary of state. Welcome to our body. Politic representative win. Thank you so much for having me on on this show. We've really tried to follow voting rights carefully including georgia And have interviewed people. Like n say vote now. The current georgia secretary of state brad raffles for is a republican. And he stood up to pressure from the trump administration When they falsely claimed that the georgia results were rigged now. He's being primary by a trump supporter but if he wins the primary. How do you plan to explain to voters why you're better suited to hold office than someone who did stand up against those allegations. Having worked at general assembly. I have witnessed in gone to with our current secretary of state who is embracing senate bill two. Oh two and so what we see. Here is the secretary of state that is a double speaker on one hand. He says that we had a secure election in the state of georgia on the other hand he is supporting senate bill to to and supporting this attempt to take over our fulton county elections board. I was one of the many jordan's in many americans who was holding my breath last year. Watching to see what our secretary of state was going to do and he did uphold the law. And i breathe Relief but the reality is we deserve better. We can have better. We should not be put in this position. The dynamics in this georgia race are absolutely complex in very much. A part of the national picture. And from what. I understand representative. Jody hice who's backed by donald trump is leading in fundraising with you second. How do you view the influence of former president trump on this race. You know. I think that the former president has radicalized. The republican base know. I think we're in a really dangerous position and wayne you think about. Somebody like jodi high-speed potentially becoming our secretary of state he could wreak havoc do a lot of damage to our state. And whether or not you're a republican or a democrat or independent or politically interested. I think all americans agree that we need somebody who is going to protect our democracy and jody hice is not that person. Obviously you believe in organizing but you've also said that you can't out organize voter suppression. What did you mean by that. What we're seeing now is the type of laws are put into place. There is no recourse. it doesn't matter if we show up at the polls and outvote the other side of the aisle when you put into place the opportunities for the state to take over the election boards or for people to overturn the results of the election. You simply cannot out organized. That and the one thing that i think is critically important is it is not the responsibility. Black and brown. In asian voters in organizers to overcome what we are seeing the reason we worked so hard to send bite into the white house. The reason we worked so hard to send senator often senator are off to the. Us senate is so that we would have a democratic controlled body that could pass federal protections for us in for other states who are facing the same challenges that we are in. The reality is to ask those people to outward is is not just it is unjust in nature is unrealistic estate. And we just can't do it. And you also have been active on the national stage. You are part of a cohort of one hundred fifty state lawmakers from thirty states who showed up in d. c. to urge senators to act on voting rights legislation. Did you see any results from that. To see lawmakers across the country stand in solidarity with texas lawmakers release shows that we are in a critical juncture in. We can't let this go. I think for me as a sitting state rap having just gone through this intensive session in georgia and us feeling like we battled as hard as we could to prevent senate bill to to. We actually don't have the same laws in texas where we would have been able to break a corum but watching the taxes lawmakers make that decision that was incredibly bold really inspires a lot of us to recognize that we are in it together. We're looking at taxes florida arizona. Selena and recognizing that we have to be all hands on deck to support Lawmakers and people in all of those states the democratic party right now obviously has many different factions in constituencies but there are definitely a bunch of progressive generally younger democratic women who are on the national local and regional stages and there is a bit of attention between what is considered the current guard or the old guard and the new guard. How do you deal with the factionalization within the party. It is healthy for a party to have diversity within its own memberships. I mean that is how you cultivate. New ideas in. That is how you build upon the diversity of the party. It's not just gender in raising nationality but we are a big tent party. And i think that is important in terms of how you deal with it. I mean you know we are a state that has to be united the commonality that we will have going forward in twenty twenty two is. Do we want to protect our democracy or do we not in. If we want to protect our democracy that we have to be a unified front. I wanted to touch on another issue that we've covered which is the wave of anti asian hatred Including killings and. We're five months past the shootings in the atlanta area. That killed eight people including six women of asian descent. How are you processing this as a representative. And what do you want to see happen. Both on the state and national stages the karma avenue atlanta hit so close to home and it was so brutal and violent in horrific in. I think there are lots of feelings that are mired up in that You know we know that. Charity cownie chose not to proceed with a hate crime charge and you know regardless of whether or not the hate crimes is recognized through the judicial system. A hate crime is intended to terrorize an entire community of people and the perpetrator did achieve that. But the other thing is oftentimes when we see crimes that are this brutal in nature are we rely solely on the judicial system and aftermath to deliver what we perceive to be accountability or we perceive to be justice but the reality is justice can only happen when we dismantle those systems. That allowed such an atrocious act to occur in the first place and one of the things that i hope. Moving forward is that the media doesn't a much better job of telling the story of the victims and not.

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