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Nothing was personal there. It's because you knew people loved music and people were willing to fight for what they believed in what they wanted to listen to what they wanted to present to the listeners and the rest of the world and how can you be mad at that like people were just willing to like. Lay, line in the sand and argued there like no, we're good. I'll put this on the air we're going to. We're going to figure it out. Here's how it's going to happen. Best thing ever. It's really awesome when you can like connect with people on a musical level because like you're right like it forms like a deep bond you know if you have like this shared experience and like love for certain kinds of music, you just can't help. It's like a bond that like well last for a really long time. No matter why you know. I mean, again, like I feel like I've been very lucky that I've had i. You know I actually talked about this with. My work colleagues at Sonos, that it's you know I, I tend to choose where I work on feeling if I'm going to have a feeling of. That it's to the my beliefs, my value systems, the people I would want to be around I. Know a lot of people don't get that choice, but I personally made that effort I think what stopped doing politics and decide to remove myself from that kind of like green to be nameless faceless you're kind of doing whatever that I wanted it to be very. Encompassing of like. What I believe in and you know with NPR Literally some of those people are the best people I've ever met in my life. I mean I just had to move out of my apartment for three weeks because of some construction, one of my old NPR colleagues was like you can stay in my apartment like key like literally like went to DC and like stay like you can stay here and like. I mean who does that for people? That's like because I was on the road with this person travelling to festivals and recording things at living a shared experience with them for five years like start to know people and you in when you just have that common of respected joy and it makes it very easy to go to work in love at every day..

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