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Me Let me invite you to introduce yourself. Tell me Your name. Tell me how old you are Diego. And I'm ten years old. What do you want us to know about? Juno is great really cold sometimes sunny what. I hate it when it's Sony. Sometimes I like it when it's sunny. Sometimes you could fall down and sea birds above is sky a swirling above you. You're you sound like a poet yourself. I think you just made a poem. No make follow my. This is Dr of assembling that happen. What was your favorite part of the day day part of the day today? Thanks for asking. I really loved my walk to work today because on my way to work By phone died and so put it all away and then I just walked to work listening to the sounds of everything around me and for some reason I don't do that often. Really good cool even listening. It's out of the blocks from radio producer. Aaron Hennequin and music producer. Wendell Patrick Special. Thanks to fueled producer M. K.. mcnaughton and K T O public media Aaron in and Wendell. I want to thank all of us who took a leap of faith and shared our stories and our lives. For W why. PR AND PR is. Juneau Alaska signing signing off Coming up next time on out of the blocks. We've got more stories for you from Juno Alaska including a visit to thunder mountain high school with Kyle World Coaches of local native Youth Olympics team. There's this port based on indigenous games. That were used by hunters to test skills sales of strength and agility and help them be better hunters and live out on the land so this this is one of our early practices. We just started rated R. season. And Right now. They're doing the one foot high kick so the one foot is a form of sign language. That was used long ago to communicate across the Tundra of a successful hunt. And you could see someone do a high kick like this from the distance and it was a good sign at Mente. Successful hut young athletes old hunters a love story cabin on an island a gourmet chef and obsessed assist cyclists and Roller Derby girl on the next out of the blacks special thanks go out to the NEA. For making our Juno episodes possible and we also want to. Okay thanks to you for listening if you appreciate what we do here on the podcast and you're in the mood to do us a favor. There is an easy way to help us out. Click onto apple podcasts. Leave us a review or even easier. Just tell a friend check us out. Thanks for spreading the good word about out of LAX. Thanks for listening. And we'll do it.

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