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She knew how to do interviews publicity and give recipes. And, and she was on art Linklaters house party every week. You know, she wanted everyone to know. She was, and when they know who you are very often when you're voting you go down. Oh, you did a good job. Not even seeing the move that happens. So after these first few years of sort of essentially freelancing, how did you end up with what I think, was the first steady job, I believe, beginning in sixty three with the Judy Garland show, which speaking of black and white, I think that was that was right? CBS was still black and white at that time. So for you. How did you end up there? And I think that was the beginning of another very important relationship. Well, actually, I was working pretty regularly paramount. And then withdrawn the we I worked on some Doris day movies and all those kind of stupid glamour movies that had names had nothing to do with the script, you know it's just the thrill of it all. So they laid me off it was April, and I thought, oh, it's April the beach is good. And I was collecting for the first time unemployment, which I was delighted, and my mother will my mother, my stepmother more than my mother, my mother kind of money just came shouldn't aware, but my stepmother, who was account. And she says, well, how long this job he's going to last. I said, no, it's just last to finish it. And then I'm off. She goes, wait a minute. That was really terrible. Now, you don't have a job, but I know I get unemployment because I can go back to it again. All of a sudden, she realized that was making more just doing this beginning job at this thing, then my father was making it the Bank of America like, not good. Okay. And she ended up working for me eventually, I really accounting office. But so Judy Garland show. You get there and who is the. I'll tell you how that word I met a friend at the costume gills thing and I got to know several of these young designers that were working. And you know, I was at the lowest lowest level of work on that thing. And I was still considering assistant sketch artist whatever they call that thing. So should maybe I don't know. We are not to dinner a couple times. I Finally I can go out to dinner with somebody and talk about things that I'm interested in because usually you don't just go out with people that you think you gonna have a hot date. Does it usually there's nothing to talk about? Anyway, he was hired to do the costumes, for the Judy Garland show, but not Judy Garland. And it turns out that because Judy who I saw going to the ladies room had just finished a film, in England with Edith that he'd have had designed not very well either awful looking anyway. She was going to do duties, costumes for this. And ADA, thin wanna really do television. She's in those days television was considered low class. Yeah, so she came in and the first show we tape, which was not the first one on the air is decided that she would have like a little black Leotard just add skirts for the whole show. And this show they wanted to change your down. Whatever a half a dozen times at least doing the show and the first show didn't look very good, a nice set derail, again, the designer of the show. Of the rest of the show, that's really dressed, those girls up in that Mickey Rooney number for show, had Mickey Rooney on, and we had all these glamorous, you know, kind of dancing showgirls and stuff. And I said, let's make them all really special. And there's poor Judy in her. Little black dress. Which, you know you have to fight for those things. And so we did that. And by the next week Ray was doing the costumes, all of a sudden, Judy was not the easiest person to kind of corral and control, because basically, at that point of her life. She was drinking a lot, a lot of trucks. Yes. And no. I mean when she was great. She was amazing just amazing..

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