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Like you're just going to go ahead and say that but there are a lot more people have. I don't watch tv really looking for what's great. And what's not. i'm. I'm truly watching for a diversion and when it comes to this show i was watching forever and then just kept getting frustrated. How how insulted. I was as a viewer just by like stop trying to toe the line between like smart trauma like you know spiral and like just watching this fucking show about chest and then once i saw the reactions i was like all right. I'm not crazy. People really do think this is like smart good in the show. Thought it was taking itself seriously. I think people thought it was smart in good because it was suddenly. I think there's two very big impulses that are happening in the culture now and one is this vegetation of trauma and all this all this stuff but the other one is very childlike hunger for free childlike hunger. For fantasy and validation and escapism. And this thing kind of combines both because it goes through the motions like it's gonna be about trauma so in a way you almost think you really did see something about a lot of trauma like when that buzzfeed article says she is not defined by her trauma but she's not wanting not defined by her trauma. She's actually not by. She's that really that traumatize really you know But then it also gives you the comfort. It's like you said there's no friction. It takes away all the unscom like for example. It actually had or get molested. I'm not saying. I want her to get money. Like i need to watch a show. Where a kid gets but if anything had happened besides her getting herself addicted to drugs. Not that it's her fault as child right but if this character had gone through more than just this weird drug addiction device bless you then i think i would have if i saw more than just the addiction if there was anything more than that it would have made sense but it was just addiction and genius and that's it like geniuses overwhelming so she's a drug addict and at a certain point. I'm like let the girl fucking drink. She's really good at chess watching it. Yeah and it's like you don't wanna be rooting for the addiction. You want to be you..

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