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Autry phillips runs target area redevelopment among their missions pudding former gang members in outreach programmes to try to stop violence on the streets in his neighborhood of englewood in all of aggression and you know spots across city as great knee right um these means have made the pleaded for a long time some would say starved right what did the communities actually me what the community is lacking is hope you talking about trying to instil hope into individuals who are living in a community are living in a situation where his hope lewis where where the man in our community are unemployed the women in our community are underemployed every individual community should have one place for all the kids could feel sentence made have those places now you know there there are some places but we have to understand that there are gang lines and we just been is there again lies that some groups can now go over as an unfortunate the community alan this out a whole bunch of kids are never have between the go over there because dangerous is dangerous i mean we unfortunately we had that in our society but he ever get tired or weary of the day to day gun violence the bloodshed the ever feel like no matter what you do is not enough dot on a maps it off as we have porn is where we can show you wear the individuals got shot but what we can show you is the the the changing of a someone's my to go to school every now and then we get that one you go turn is around despot keepers gone what's at stake and things like this if we don't get it in an order.

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