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Well, tax seasons here folks and you know hi there. Wow, where'd you come from? April here to tell you about the tax filing software from tax act. Seriously, were you like hiding behind my desk? Seriously. Tax act makes it easy to get your maximum refund. Well, you heard it here first, folks. Switch to tax act today and you can start for free. Or as we say at radio ads. Subtle. Tax act filed for less and get more. See tax act dot com for details. This is the smell of the leftover tuna fish sandwich you left in your lunch box over the weekend in a wimpy trash bag. And this is the smell of that same sandwich in a hefty ultra strong trash bag. Smell the difference Hefty ultra strong has Armin hammer with continuous odor control. So no matter what's inside your trash. You can stay one step ahead of stinky and for bigger jobs try the superior strength of hefty large black backs. It's ten 23, time now for business news. JPMorgan Chase thought it was getting bags full of nickel, but what it got wasn't worth a plug nickel. I'm Jeff Calvin of fortune magazine with the fortune business update. Nickel is a commodity traded on the London metal exchange, and it's more valuable than you might think. It's a key component in the lithium ion batteries used to power electric cars, meaning demand is likely to rock it as the EV boom continues. The exchange recently discovered that several shipments of nickel in one of its warehouses didn't contain nickel at all. They were just bags of rocks and the unlucky owner was America's largest bank JPMorgan Chase. Turns out this isn't unheard of just last month, a commodity trading firm said it could lose over half a $1 billion after discovering that nickel shipments it bought. Instead contained less valuable materials. In case you're wondering, a ton of actual nickel costs about half a million nickels. I'm Jeff colvin. A popular literary festival is once again happening downstate. The 14th annual little grassy literary festival at southern Illinois university in Carbondale returns early next month on a virtual format feature in a variety of renowned

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