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Jumps from twenty nine dollars to three hundred hottest seniors pay does any family pay for that. Right. Young people. It just we can sit here, and I would invite you back because I think there's a lot when you talk about big pharma of what's going on. But let's talk about your no lobbying plugs talk about people knocking on your door. What do you mean by that will the no lobbying pledges to get rid of this revolving door where people, you know, it when they're in congress they end up with the variety of conflicts of interest that you would never allow in the business world. And so the problem is people leave congress, and then they go work for these lobbyists earning huge money based upon the relationships they made while they were in congress. And so again, when they have that to look forward to that revolving door with the lobbyists, it skews their perspective, it skews their incentives to actually do the right thing for their constituents versus doing the right things for these lobbyists and the industries who employ them. Did you know that today that Anna Roosevelt? Did you hear this today? She's the GRANDE. Daughter of president Roosevelt cited Betsy raider is the one that's gonna chase save social security with someone else reading I reread it. What what this is really interesting that you're not only breaking the fourteenth is year across the country. People are flashing your picture on Fox News doing this not to we'll continue on the lobbying. But when you have outside of saying social security, and that pledges with if you don't have social security, how are you gonna pay your mortgage? Most importantly, hanging to pay for those pharmaceuticals and most seniors are taking something even if it's a blood pressure medication that's expensive. Have you met Anna Roosevelt? No, I haven't. But I tell you. I was telling my campaign manager yesterday. How incredibly honored I was by that endorsement, the I it really was a thrill literally set chills up my spine when I found out that she was endorsing me, and it came at a very timely point. Because actually Dave Joyce earlier this week. Week. There was an NPR interview where he said that to pay for the tax cuts that they just passed that we're going to have to cut social security and Medicare, and so that all came together at just coincidentally at a very key time where it's become more and more clear that these tax cuts the plan. I think all along has been that they would use that as an excuse of the data set they've created to cut social security and Medicare that so many people rely on and because you're so educated, and you know, that's something we have to emphasize we'll have to educate people to win a Roosevelt is. It's really true. They're talking about if you had Sandra Day O'Connor, the supreme court Justice who retired and said, I'm going to pull back my public life because of dementia, but her last plead was police put civics back and government. So people know there's three branches of government the voting blindly. And I'm talking this is a person listening to campaigns. I think that's one of the reasons Betsy raiders name is across the country. People are listening to common sense. There's some common sense here of what can be done. But when you're looking at the no lobbying. How will you find out if some was a registered lobbyist, whether it's foreign local will you have someone on your staff looking at that to make sure that you're not speaking to someone that would influence you. Yeah. I mean, they are registered. So there is a way to know that and and usually, of course, I haven't been in congress yet, but they Sunday tended kept their hand and terms. Of what they're what they want to talk about. You know, when you're looking I think the other thing is healthcare. Everyone's talking about pre existing conditions in healthcare. You've been batted around in fact today, I think folks smart came out and said, we normally don't talk politics. But what's being said about Betsy raider is not true. So where do we go from here? Tell us about your healthcare policy and pre existing conditions. Sure. So my position has been that we should keep the ACA. It shouldn't been repealed shouldn't be repealed. Tom Affordable Care Act. Sorry. Yeah. Carrie, I watch a lot of people. Call a bomb care, not always in a nice way. And you know on my opponent campaigned on repealing ObamaCare and had voted thirty one times against that. And it's really one of the things that drew me into running for congress says that people were terrified about losing coverage for pre existing conditions, which how the Affordable Care Act did that impart and did it without ballooning. The data set was by having everybody buy insurance not just sick people with preexisting conditions. And what that does is expense the risk pool for the insurance companies. So what happened is what you know, they tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act. John McCain stop that from happening with his vote in the Senate thumbs down thumbs down. And so you still had the Affordable Care Act, but then the Republicans proceeded to gut it and try to make fall apart and one thing that they did in this tax Bill that. My opponent. Dave Joyce was very much in favor. As of is they got rid of the requirement that everybody buy health insurance. Now that getting rid of that requirement that everybody has a health insurance. Has led the Republicans attorney generals have a bunch of the states to file a lawsuit saying that it's now unconstitutional to require insurance companies to cover preexisting conditions. So they're using that tax Bill to argue that pre existing conditions cannot constitutionally be required to be covered. And so they're endanger again, can I ask you one question. We've had Representative Joyce last week. He said I've never spoken publicly, but I have a stent place in my heart. I have a process condition will why would I be against it is that an accurate statement that he would be for pre existing conditions. Are you saying no I'm saying that I look at what is actions were. And he voted thirty one times to repeal the ACA simply repeal it with nothing to replace it. Nothing about saving preexisting conditions. No plan b no plan B, and I have yet during this campaign to hear any plan. Be from here ham. All he talks about his steps earrings. All that's not a plan. I mean, that's a hearings. Okay. But what's the plan to cover preexisting condition? The other thing, you know, women. There's whispers when women one Nancy Pelosi will tell her everything to do. Just listening to you. You're not pledged to Nancy Pelosi or anyone else in the congress. No, not at all. As a matter of fact, I actually ran for office a long time ago in Iran is an independent I've never really even been involved with the Democratic Party much less beholden to anybody on it. I have run very much Mike campaign. So I will make my own decisions. According to what's best for my constituents. And I would just note, you know, that one other thing that they have sat in these ads that have gotten four Pinocchio from the Washington Post. They've been called out universally as lies is that supposedly I have a plan that would kick people off of their employer health plan and cost thirty two trillion dollars, and that's a complete. It lie. What I have talked about as having an option to buy into Medicare which would be a lower cost alternative, and then we'd compete with private insurance to bring the costs down. I have never said that I am Parrella gating people to a government takeover that would kick them off their health plan. They're just making that stuff up the Akron beacon journal setback. So if someone wants to really find Betsy raider, the true blue Betsy raider where can they find that information? Super easy. I have been very transparent you can go to Betsy raider for congress dot com. Unlike my opponent, I have laid out my positions on all the key issues. You can also go to the legal women voters guide guide. My opponent has never responded to any of their questionnaires. And they're frankly, if you Google me, I have responded to questionnaires that are public all over the place, you Google Betsy rate or you can be ten hours because the one thing I've if you're a woman in politics and you go back Emily's less June. What Emily stands for I do and most people don't, but it's early money is like yeast, it's spreads. And I think women have caught onto Betsy raider. And you said how many parties I wanna call the parts? How many meet and greet serve? You had just with people in a living room talking while just in two thousand eighteen we celebrated our hundred living room, meet and greet. So that doesn't even count all the town halls. I've held an advanced lab attendant. That's just how many one hundred living-rooms I've been in. If elected will you continue that? So you hear living room conversation. Absolutely. I'll be doing that as well. As high took this town hall pledge said tickets, really important that you be transparent and open and people you can't say one thing to one person privately in different thing to a different person privately. I think town halls are really important. And so I've pledged to hold a minimum of four of those a year. It's something Dave Joyce has never done. And so we could talk for hours, but let's wrap up by saying why is it so important that people look at the fourteenth district and look at Betsy writer to vote on next Tuesday November six while this is a key race for our entire country. When you talk about checks and balances and making sure that you don't have a congress that is just acting like it reports to the president rather than being an independent body. The fourteenth district is one of the most competitive races in the. Higher country. We have been on the National Party's red to blue less for some time. I was endorsed by President Obama a few weeks ago. US Senator Sherrod Brown has always won this district. So it's actually race we can flap, and I think it's really important that we had a congress that will do the right thing and be a check and a balance the way it was intended to be by our constitution and listening today. You would take a pledge that you will be an independent in congress. He won't follow the party line. Just because it's a party line. I'll always do what's right for my constituents doesn't get better than that. We're talking with Betsy rate or candidate for congress from the fourteenth district. And if you want more information, you can go to Betsy writer dot com, Betsy writer for congress dot congress dot com. And if you just Google Betsy raider, I guarantee you're directed to that. So we thank you for taking the time on your busy busy schedule coming in. And we invite you back to our listening audience. Good luck to you, Betsy raider. Thank you so much. We'll be back with live and local for lunch. 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