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You seen LA Bamba? Yeah. Oh, yes. Have you ever seen the movie LA Bamba with Lou diamond Phillips as Ritchie Valens? I don't think. So. But my movie expertise is not that you and stuff and should put that movie on your viewing list there. It's a really really good movie. Oh, extreme would Steve checks in sixteen years ago yesterday space shuttle disaster? On the second. Yesterday would have been the first. Yeah. Yesterday was the first which space shuttle disaster, wait there, the one that was coming in for landing not the one that was taking off this is the other. So that was the one that was coming back to earth that broke up on re entry. So I was still a producer WGN. I had given. I I'd been producing John on Saturday mornings and John gave up ceremony show and see Bertrand was doing it for a while. And then I give it up that because I had started producing Steve DALE'S national radio show through another company called animal planet radio at the time before I started my own company and on Saturday mornings, I still came downtown. But I went over there to produce his show. Okay. And I was I would stop by the station, and usually do a little editing work before I hit it over to the other place to do Steve show. And I and Beth swerve heads recently taken over the Saturday morning show. And was I. She wasn't a full-time produce yet. I think she was still part time before she produced Kathy and Judy. And so she was there and this happened while I was there. And so I stayed with her for the show, and we we got guests on in Texas who had pieces of wreckage in their yard. That's right. It did fall in. Yeah. I'm looking you know, I post a on this date, and I'm going to say that that pretty much was the end of the space shuttle program, I believe they flew again. But you knew that I imagined from then on there. They said, okay, we're moving onto the next phase here the shuttle's did fly again after that one. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I think it was a couple of years later, though. Yeah. This is for. For Jess how we just and we just passed the anniversary of the challenger in the last week. Because that's the twenty sixth. I wanna say in January. Yeah. Yeah. Like two days after the bears won the Super Bowl or a day after the bears won the Super Bowl when that happened. Yeah. The second. Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you listener from.

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