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He saw the scream. When he found the right pocket, he was like, this is gonna be the tape. This is it. You gotta record it. You gotta record. You know, we record everything. And he's like, you gotta recall. This is gonna be the take. And everybody says that, but when he says that I know it's true, he's got a gift for that. So Steve was locked in. And everybody just locked in at the same time. And when it's like that, you just gotta hit it. You gotta make it happen, baby. Come on, sing it. Sing it. Was that great guitar solo on the same take, too? Yeah, that's Robert Randolph. Robert Randolph is incredible sacred pedal steel musician. Obviously, of world renowned people who know about his music, know that he's one of the kings of that style. He just he knows how to do what he's doing. So you just let him have it. It's really more about finding the pocket. The space where I wanted to put it. Tell me about writing that song because it seems one of the most plaintiff and most kind of emotionally open songs.

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