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It becomes it's not authentic. If i'm not doing it to clear clean way yes. I called that Preconceived notions right. All right about people. Yeah so when we engage with people. We always have some intention. There's always a purpose of engagement. That's what we do. There's two types of people. There's introverts in extra words when we communicate with people and we're touching on this style like her. These people with the introvert set the mindset of being just isolated to themselves. I come from that group of people. And it's very difficult for me to pull myself out and start communicating with people because of all of these preconceived notions that we put inside of our head. Is there a way that we can teach herself or trick ourselves into coming out of that. Box of these preconceived notions So thank you for the question and and I would not have known that. You were an introvert As you've described yourself so we we talk about introversion and extroversion as where we get our source of energy and. I talked a lot in the workshops that i do and with the coaching that i do with some of my clients about how important it is understand if somebody's introverted or extroverted. Because you have to manage that You have to manage that in a meeting by making sure that you provide information ahead of time so that you know we think. Oh it's only for the introverts that they can die cast. It'd be ready to contribute. But it's also for the extroverts that they can digest and minimize what it is that they want to say because what they say about extroverts are extroverts talk and think at the same time whereas introverts make a statement because they thought about it and when you leave a meeting an extra virgin thinking oh i shouldn't have said that. Oh now that. I think about it. I probably shouldn't have said that either whereas the introvert is waking up the next morning and said oh i wanted to say that as well and so it's a very different style and approach and it's important to understand what your stylist but it's also just as important to understand when the other person's style is so i use my spouses an example again. He's an introvert. he's introversion. i'm an extrovert extroversion. We were newly married many years ago and we were living in northern virginia. We were driving along after dinner. A down the george washington parkway and we were listening to james taylor and back then we both smoke cigarettes and you know the monuments beautiful etcetera and it was very quiet in the car and i bet twenty minutes silence which was absolutely disturbing for me. I turned to my spouse and of course the proverbial question that never they say. Don't ever say your space. But i said hey. Are you happy. He thought for a moment and a couple of minutes and he came back and he said yeah he said you know with the with you who i love and adore. We're listening to great music. Great scenery this is great. What about you..

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