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I think the best interview. We've had on the short porch Tommy Campbell. All right we're now joined here by a little bit of a white whale we've been chasing for about a year and a half on this podcast one of your favorites relief pitcher number forty eight time. He Canley Tommy. How's it going man? Good man doing great hanging out here. Great stuff what has quarantine life been like for you. How close is your wife? Did just being driven insane by you being around so for me. I think it's been great. I mean this is perfect for me. All you gotTa do is play. Video Games Watch. Tv stay inside. The only time relieve is to go outside or something that's about it but yes I feel like she's ready to just probably choke me by now with all the video games at playing What kind of video games do you play playing a lot of madden lately and I have dabbled into the show a little bit? But I'm pretty. I'm pretty terrible. Show I did once and it was pretty cool. I couldn't throw strike. Oh you're you're easily my favorite guy us you over Chapman. Your is pretty show. I don't know if you know that read. I was eventually I got to a point. I was just started showing up every time I came fast offers strike miserable. Well that's like the same as you're doing the live EP. Talking with saying he faced your lobby he just gets like five changeups in a row from you so the other ones I caught. I play a lot of cod with brick. So we're on their murder and a lot of people. It's fun you played zone so we not the war zone though other one. I think it's blood money now was playing right for. Yeah for some reason. Last night I had a game. I'd like twenty four kills. Going fucking shit overnight. Call Duty Player on the team or is there someone that gives you run for your money? We may see currently I would say probably yes now before it used to be Tarp was pretty good Tarpley. Okay yeah he was pretty legit but we have one of our assistant clubs. He's he's fucking nasty. It's gross. I've never seen a player like you to my life Nikolai Have you ever thought of doing like a twitch stream like doing? Yeah I do have it. I basically like stream every night. Don't realize Oh yeah they have no idea like any social media right like I like. I feel like you're an outgoing guy in person. Like why do you not do the twitter instagram with all that? I don't know just I guess my rebel. WanNa be the rebel guy. Just rebel against it. I feel you would be probably top-five. Mlb Twitter's if you let it loose. I don't WanNa get one just in case Rally a good idea. It's probably going to do. We don't have anything so we are you willing to release. Which name is you? Keep that a secret? Nah I'll I'll let you guys. I actually changed it recently. So people could probably find me better. It's just tikan forty eight. That's it very interesting. My show one of these days were. I'm about to be in some crazy. Thirty Person League coming up here shortly. I'm going to be trash to show. Yeah THEY WANNA pick a guy for each team and have them do like a twenty nine game season play playoffs? I'm going to be trash so it's like a thing through MLB yes. I was selected for the Yankees. And I'm going to be at least I got there at the offense. Let's good I'll take that Garrett Cole works. You might get screwed up. Because if they do live Roster Zyuganov judger stanton so that kind of stuff. That's not good. Yeah I was looking at it. I'm like I'M GONNA kill if I've played smell like I love. That game is a few of them who just live on that stuff. I can't play that besides like video games. I imagine your big TV show movie Guy. What you've been binging on so maybe my wife we were catching up on I really like to watch those like air over shows on CW. We watched that we caught up on shit. Modern family All the comedy shows single payer Superstore Shit. A lot of Netflix shows. I don't watch Ozark or anything. Everybody's been freaking out about this. I have no idea what it's about just started. It's very confusing and it's a lot. You gotta pay attention. I'm a big Jason Bateman guy but only like to watch them in comedy movies. I refuse to watch him in the series exactly. Yeah I'd rather watch him in a comedy. He's hilarious identity thieves for just watched hundred twenty episodes of gossip girl in two weeks. Oh Gosh my wife would love that if I did that for it wasn't that I watched it for Blake lively and then ended up just being like all right. I'm just GonNa Watch this show at this point. I'm stunned. Yeah there is one. We probably watch it for that one actor. The guy that plays a I can never remember his name. The Guy Plays Winter soldier in all he was in it and I thought it was a mistake. I'm like wait. What's going on here. Did you see the show? You a necklace of so I was GonNa Watch it and so my wife she. She watched the first season. She got into the second season. She said there was a part where it is scarred and she shut it down. I think it was like the Meat Grinder. Substitute off the rallies. It's like the show this is someone is someone who's writing the show who wasn't a part of the team in season one. It's like I'm I don't even know how people come up with that Shit. Like all right. We gotTA relax there might be actual serial killers like writing the show. Yeah come on. What are we doing? We gotTa Watch out close. People is right in. This crazy shit's going Louis. Nineteen seventy now. Yeah I WANNA see that. How was that? It was great but I don't think anything happened what I.

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