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Who are still using an old school manual toothbrush to all those people. It's time to take your rushing one level up. The solution is a simple one. It's the perfect timing one. It's the long lasting battery powered or usb rechargeable one. The comes in multiple colors to match. You won the one with a subscription that delivers new. Brush heads for just five dollars. Your teeth deserve this. One phillips on by sonacare one up. You're brushing learn more at phillips dot com slash one. That's p. h. I l. p. s. dot com slash o. n. e. ms episode is brought to you by hp plus a world. Full of smart devices shouldn't ear printer be smart to it is with hp plus these printers. No when they're running low so you always get the inky mead delivered right when you needed plus you save up to fifty percents on inc so you can print whatever you want as much as you want any time you want. That is pretty smart. Get fixed three months of instinct when you choose. Hp.

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