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Two hundred two hundred everybody needs a side hustle this guy had one well see it should ever in this way this guy had a side hustle until the cops busted up right yeah that's what you don't want your story and is making a ton of money being a coke dealer but then the cops call them sure here discussing his Andrew Paro okay in he was an athlete went to Whitney young high school okay which is in Chicago great athlete dairy earned like multiple Chicago public league titles and swimming and water polo so fast for life he becomes the the swim coach at this same school so are you always use around the pool a lot and whatnot so the in the poll in Chicago imagine is a pretty sought after items for many of them so there's groups out there that Hey I wanna you know my club team wants to swim there Hey we won't have a turn with their this and that and let's just say he use want to sign off on these services but wasn't exactly forthright on the actual price so he he goes Rogan just starts why getting the money to you say Hey Mister are I you know my sons swim team we could use some water timer something says all where you go I can read to the Jason nice fair price of a ten thousand dollars for the season one actually was like you know two grand so there's a roll out the school did this anyway he was just doing a little surcharge will search for her so bow apparel originally deposit nearly thirty thousand dollars into his bank account that you gain for multiple improper side deals to lease the pool or the school board outside groups between twenty thirteen and twenty sixteen in some cases the coaches Leslie sublet the pool time he leaves for much less money for his own private club according to the inspector general's reports of further side agreements his conduct was even more egregious you simply rented out pull time that he was not entitled to at all so he is not but we're real quick before I was as I was reading this and this is one of those things that it goes around the internet soon as of it actually was true but so there's some story member long time ago service there was this a guy in like in I think it was in the U. K. any was like the parking lot attendant right in you know in a just like everybody love the man that the ball the businesses they park their they love the wind right or whatever his name was and it was you charge just five Bucks to park and all that you did it for years and years and years and years and one day you just retired and they come to find out that that that the parking space was actually free the government owned that parking and that parking lot and it would didn't but he just kind of put up a sign and no one question the mini made some money is kind of what this guy did you said that you know someone asked me to read the poem what the hell no one told me not to do it so you just it just taken his commission yeah right she's working hard so your site hustles it hopefully it's not only illegal since seven four nine seven thousand eight hundred the big one pound seven hundred on AT and T. we'll take your calls in your hustles coming up that you know what mine was in college it was a it was going around all the garbage is in getting the the aluminum cans and taken about ten miles down the road because we're right on the Indiana Michigan horn every tell more you got ten cents a can yeah that was my side of us wanted that a good few month times here before I got there in the back of a police car and told me to do that to make some good money to live a good man I mean think about that you have to give us a good walking around money Ian knowing ten cents a can I'm not good at math but ten Kansas a Buck right there you go so do that a few times and you know I have a morning comes as I did this let's walk the line of the legal let's talk to you about it Mike talking about side hustles what was yours I work for a large property management company and what nine it was a lady that I work with a nod to the maintenance thing and she believes well come to find out that he was leaving office space to people but having to check their heard when I had when my maintenance guys turn did it invoice for repairing let's stop enough space it was suppose we thought he was the one yes we brought him in the office Hey man what's going on here is I don't know there are people in there it sure enough he leaves office space to let people in early can circumvent me property manager kind of thing well right because we do a lot of office space in the ideal checked everything that the square foot you know and then every time window so how long has she done this Mike and how much money would you Stacey got where she was caught hierarchy would never tell us what are those it was probably for six months to a year easy what is the kicker moved out because we were going to charge you more hi all charges because he had no overhead of course yeah that's usually so usually the center of crime is there you get it for a lower price because they remove all the overhead and legalities in fees and yeah license is this you have to follow a whole thing with all the the pot there's still the illegal pot out there why because no overhead address some sense now I don't have the deal with the stupid government a town and all that stuff I'm interested seed just are and I know some states you know if they are making money on that whatever but mentors see how long it lasts for people to kind hundred Bucks for a and whatever mounts right at that for you know for for that nine that the devil is going to happen Hey Adam what's going on with you talking about side hustles yeah I used to work for a rather large cell phone company doing sales and right when they started doing the trade in your phone and you start paying monthly per phone instead of doing two year contract but we learned real quick that there was a glitch in the system that we could take somebody's we could take a basic phone but on that person blind and the person would think they're trading and their smartphone and morality is we would send back date the clones and mark but so we found a guy the store particular for was that we found a guy that would by phone from us and he would come to us buy a batch of bone that we had that customer just gave up and we would probably make four to six hundred Bucks a day what yeah so how long were you doing this for you got caught well we didn't get caught it with the state finally picked because they realize that a bunch of stores were sitting back basic phone and but yeah we they changed about a year and do it ma'am but so I got that we're making you know four to six hundred Bucks a day easily and how old were you twenty two twenty three I mean what the group is good while Lassie though I don't write I blew great for you thank you a Kerr is talking about side hustles what do you have so you know every year that we even far work long and when I was about there was a bank live on the corner from my granny's house and I've sold pulls parking spot what out thanks for missionary anything and I made money for at least five years selling those parties last every year and I will always do it two dollars cheaper than what they're doing what they were selling for twenty dollars closer to the river I would always always always do it two dollars two dollars cheaper everybody loves so by noon I wouldn't go to church today I'll go get my spot at ten o'clock noon one o'clock at full and I get cash last year was over I talked my mom into let me go down for now with the garbage bags and picking up all the K. and you could drink thinking about canceling a flood wall a lot of money that we give how old were you when you get this and other between ten and sixteen those years doing this and how long would you say yeah you did it before they caught on to you how it will work on our you know why the bank never said anything and actually won the strip clubs never said anything thank you because they were closed that day right yeah that makes sense then support for a kid like that good let's get Greg gone right quick Greg what do you got talking about side hustles what's up our our our DJ so I I do that all the pilots it copper Katie to play music if you know a lot of people and they were like wow I've already thinkers your markets that part is that weddings or whatever that you always got them drunk kick the come up if they are okay yeah I will yeah yeah yeah it really off of and you know how you do it at that it's pretty cool and a lot of it is that we have wifi at the door of apartment cattle you that what you to download from Amazon or whatever like a Walker or whatever but you know you can pay it by one five hundred Bucks a night we decide to do it you know I have I have tomorrow but authentic here with Vegas speakers it it's really cool you need what you people to give you a lot of that we can offer Hey this is I have my white if you use you charge next you you're saying little action to play yeah I got certain songs will download about five Bucks and you move right on the head of the line is that how it works better I thank god but there may be like a really what the song you know I have heard it and ten Bucks you know and yeah I I've done that yeah that that happens a lot and all of the money that you know local guys you know get the gunmetal gray block out yeah some users and like job there good music you're a side hustle seven four nine seven thousand eight hundred the big one pound seven hundred.

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