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Dot com let's laid off hour number three we had to east rockaway mike is up next on a fat hi mike are you you're my fantastic what airforce air or we walk i appreciate that thank you i love the college or through regret gay they've got a show called the red met political correctness i go for that you know uh you made some great voice john uh hurley what he's doing it rhode island okay it other we have you interview great jim clues smile high school shade agnes i graduated seventy two big ten with seventy seven okay you know uh w with the crew recruit exhaust that's what chris muller's go through that of a better to coach these yanji chrismar like our previous goals equate points was the recording processes so brutal get out bad i gave him a fish soup refuse like you did john but wow i mean you know much is going on john i despise the oil when john thompson was there get out oh and chad uh the people always twice but you know what uh uh uh really spawn a like you makes you choose your on what are your best high school basketball hoops ever there's like how uh c frank morrish when he got his opportunity right mike dan her i was coaching at saint benedict's in new jersey he's coaching guys that it going to the nba i remember he coached jr smith you now he crushed other guys who ended up playing in a league when he got.

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