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Of a shot at it. But the National League Central Will be very, very competitive. Costas says. The season will produce a legitimate World Series champion, though fans will likely view it differently than in other years. Five day forecast another pleasant night out there, with temperatures dropping into the upper fifties inland 64 along the lakefront, some patchy fog early morning as well. Friday mostly sunny, warm and human high of 81 Saturday. Mostly sunny, steamy and hot, too high of 90. Heat indices 95 to 98 Sunday 91 with the Heat index close to 100. And a good chance for showers and thunderstorms later in the afternoon and into the evening. Still, some morning showers on Monday than clearing and 80 for Tuesday is 80 meteorologist Brian Got her. With the storm team forecast on sports Major League Baseball planning TTO have expanded playoffs this year, 16 teams in total, all first and second place. Finishers of each division will head to the postseason along with two additional wild cards. Opening day for Major league Baseball. The Yankees beat the Nationals for the one in a rain shortened six inning for the Brewers. They're opening day begins tonight they take on the Chicago Cubs are game day coverage starts right here at 5 35 I'm Tony Braddock, NewsRadio W T. M. J. Hi there and Good evening. Welcome to the Jim Bohannon Show from Westwood One radio, where? 186650 Jimbo 1866505 or 6 to 6. Online fighters. Jimbo had a show dot com You could follow me.

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