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US I could easily spent the entire hour speaking to Rebecca about her accolades as an endurance athlete, but what we really wanted to focus on was her marquee event. Rebecca's private Idaho RPI is a perennial favorite that's held in September in Idaho and showcases Rebecca's favourite trails in her neck of the woods. I got super excited. Hearing about the event given Rebecca's background as a mountain biker in adventure cyclist, she's put together a course that will test both your technical skills and choice of equipment. I love that kind of adventure in my events. We recorded this episode in the early days of the pandemic. Quite clear if the event will come off this September, although we remain optimistic that it will happen, and if you've got one of the coveted spots, not to worry as the team over there has a covid nineteen registration policy that's pretty liberal in terms of getting a refund making registration, a donation or pushing if the event needs to be postponed beyond just showcasing her hometown gravel Rebecca, wanted to set up an event that did some good and supported her nonprofit, the good foundation with the COVID nineteen crisis in effect right now. She was also quite concerned that her biggest fundraising opportunity of the year was going to be shut down, so she went out and typical Rebecca. Fashion and And did something about it Rebecca over Memorial Day weekend created the Giddy up challenge. The event allowed riders to create their own challenges in their own neck of the woods, largely revolving around a big climbing day with four courses, culminating in ever sting, which is climbing over twenty nine thousand feet in one attempt over nine hundred riders from around the world, raised a combined one hundred ten thousand dollars for the be good foundation in their own climbing adventures, not only did. Rebecca inspire some amazing fundraising results. She also inspired a resurgence in ever sting. It's quite easy to say we saw more. People attempt to ever sting this weekend than ever before with Katie Hall even setting a new. Record down near Bonny Doon California and of course Rebecca did an Everest attempt herself and successfully finished. It was quite amazing. Watching this unfold on her instagram account and courage you to go back and look at some of the stories as it's incredible how one has to turn themselves inside out and ride overnight in order to achieve twenty nine thousand feet of climbing I myself the little baby, one of fifty two hundred feet, and it was pretty amazing I. Did it all off road on my favorite climb up to east peak of Mount, Tam, and learned a lot I can't even imagine doing four times. The amount of climbing I did in a day. There would definitely be some logistics..

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