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Baseball, Keith Hernandez, Andrew Mccutchen discussed on 24 Hour News


I don't understand it makes no, sense just because a player seven fun, playing a game about incredibly well obviously just mix those completely classless on Jose arenas. Part by the way Urania, got, six games, is what came down in terms of suspension which isn't as money as you think because he's a starting pitcher is obviously not an everyday player down a position. Player so, it's it's a start basically Keith Hernandez we'll we'll play it for. You in a second. Advocated likes the idea of of. Guys going after people in Situation that AKU, news in which is the zone man that's a and he's in, the zone and it's not just the, Seinfeld connection I'm Keith Anderson I really am I don't understand all the pouting and. The sound and the fury, oh, it's baseball, it's a gain that has a history stretching well well past a century guy us to do all the time There were. Stories about if you made Bob Gibson look bad he. Through your head as? Part of. The deal and a, coup this is this is not tiddlywinks it's not Little League World series it's not that bowling I was talking about earlier on a. Day on the sailboat with the trace, right on a motorcycle ride the countryside. With Stewart Kovacs. Executive producer professional. Baseball these guys are playing for something pride among other things what. Else, are you. Gonna do the kids can't stop and there. Was, a, when I was younger than all these all these books Sports books, ridiculous like the mysteries there, was this book called the kid that, only hit home runs. As literally about a kid who was baseball it was like buying once he's an audio. Hit home. Runs and I remember on eleven reading that book like if. I was on the opposing little league team and the kid was halfway through his league season hit. Every single pitch hit a home. Run I would thrown. At him until it broke the streak it's baseball you can go after guys you can settle on, the field that's why sometimes, there have to, be fights. Andrew mccutchen by the way not to get off on. A tangent had an? Amazing video. He posted on social, media about the fight them down a few days before with Yossi oh boy And his his teammates guys. Vite it's part of the deal and so, I know this is not, a popular perspective but I'm with old, school baseball player Keith. Hernandez on this guy out there killing and you've lost three games right is it three. Home runs Gotta hit them I'm sorry I mean people. Are? Not going to like.

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Baseball, Keith Hernandez, Andrew Mccutchen discussed on 24 Hour News

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