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But didn't it could be somebody screaming as well this could be anything we've record big foot sounds out there in the woods and everything how about you have you heard any B. even though you've never seen one have you heard something out in the woods that could sound like a big foot yeah particular here in Washington state just across the river from Portland not too far throw there in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest it's just in the shadow of mount St Helens I've heard some very unusual gifts and the owls and it doesn't sound like any animal in the woods that I'm familiar with them I've heard some recordings of things that people report to be big foot and it sounds very similar to what I've heard and it was coming from different areas like one would call and another would answer maybe two more and they sounded described it as a different sizes like maybe one was a male adult the others a female and then there's some of the younger one somewhere and they're answering to first time caller PA in Maryville Tennessee almost year old neck of the woods Steven hi PA no words out live coast to coast since nineteen ninety seven thank you Sir for staying with us along how do three I grew up in a cage code what baby knows we're ready I'll absolutely have that's where my mom's family is off from when they immigrated over from here a landing cades cove yeah we'll see a lot of people ordenar I'm eighty two years old so I I was south I grew up our I could tell you you better give.

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