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Back with Julie Kelly. Senior contributor. American Greatness. Julie Kelly has spent more time investigating and actually personally going to the jail. Talking to Yeah. Defendants talking to their lawyers, looking at the charging documents and so forth and any other person. And Philip Bump has done none of it. So if you're reading the Washington Post, you have no idea what's going on, except Philip Bumps, uninformed propaganda. Even at two federal judges, truly both appointed by Obama, who raised concerns about the way certain people are being charged. They've raised the question like wait a minute. You're charging people for disrupting Congress. When in fact, we've had people disrupt Congress. You hit him with a misdemeanor. You let them go. You're charging these people with felonies if they don't plead to to an offense that you demand And they're starting and they're saying What is that? Based on? You've heard that too, right? I have. So you're referring to Judge Moss and Judge Maeda? Um Judge Moss called the obstruction of official proceeding felony, which this DOJ has slapped on at least 200 cases. To turn Trump supporters and two convicted felons. It's never been used in this way before the judges know it. The government knows it. The defense lawyers certainly know it. And so both of those lawyers have raised concern. Judge Moss said. It has a constitutional staginess problem. There is a motion in the oath Keepers case. Motion to dismiss and judge made A is considering that now and should make a ruling should issue some ruling on that next month. Um, but again, Philip bump. Do you even know what the obstruction of an official proceeding charge is its origination, which was a post and run law. That was supposed to stop and the interference and congressional investigations, not the certification of the Electoral College. So you know, these are the things that Mr Bump does not stay awake at night worrying about I had a gentleman. Contact me. And this gentleman said. I have a problem. I was told by the Department of Justice. My lawyer was Either. I plead guilty to this federal misdemeanor. And agree not to appeal. Or I'm going to be charged with a felony along the lines. You just discussed. And go to trial, and I can't afford the lawyer and not only that I never entered the Capitol building. I was on the Capitol grounds. I didn't even know I was trespassing. That's right. And I don't believe this gentleman is alone Is he? He? Certainly not. As they said. I think they're about 220 defendants face felony charge that have been applied to mostly misdemeanor offenses such as creating or picketing. Restricted access, disorderly conduct. And so this, you know, just imagine from Mark if that would have applied to the 2018 Cavanaugh protest where they tried to not only shut down at Santa confirmation, but actually, we're banging on the Supreme Court doors trying to stop him from being sworn in. I mean, we would have had thousands of balance in that case. But it's never been used that way. Only to January six Defendants which again is still a bump that doesn't make them political prisoners, or or that this is a political prosecution. When you have such an egregious double standard of justice. Um let me let me tell you what this guy's doing. Let me tell you how diabolical This propaganda status. What he's thinking is from even hoping is that there's going to be violent since this other rally that's occurring that I don't really know anything about. And suffered occurs. What he wants to do is try and take out some hoes. Try and take out Fox News. Try and blame them. These are these are incredibly dishonest and diabolical people. People like Philip bump. He knows nothing about the facts. He doesn't take the time to dig into the facts. They're readily available. Or he can go down and find out for himself and go to the courthouse and re charging documents. He can talk to defense lawyers. They typically would You know when we're dealing with terrorists, but not here. Then, he writes in his column. In part, it's remarkable that even 10 months after the election, with precisely zero hard evidence of fraud that could shift the election outcome, having emerged, most Republicans still say it happened. What is amazing about this truly, Kelly is this is the same newspaper. That pushed the Russia collusion narrative for almost three years in which the man was just charged. A lawyer. For trying to plant a lie with the FBI who lied about his connection to the Hillary Clinton and the DNC. He has no interest in any of this. We know the Russia collusion thing was a complete fraud. The media, including the Washington Post, promoted it pushed it. And he dares to write a sentence like this, and I'll tell you something else. He'll never go to Pennsylvania because the challenges in Pennsylvania were purely constitutional under the federal constitution. Really had nothing to do with voting machines are ballots, nothing whatsoever, but they don't care. Do they? They don't and let's back up to what you just said. The Washington Post is, you know, mark in January of 2017 is the paper that leads to the classified phone call between Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. To try to take down Flynn with The Washington Post is the paper than in April of 2017 weeks. To buy the warrant against Carter Page to help destroy his life and promote this lie about Russian collusion. So they are, as you said, propaganda organ. They don't care whose lives they destroy. They don't care what they're covering up. They don't care about the truth. They are simply there to promote whatever the Democrats tell them to, and to cover up everything else. So I just want the American people to know particularly people in the Washington D. C area. What if fraud Philip bump is and what a fraud. The Washington Post is, You're not going to get actual information, They just push an agenda. This guy has no intent of being objective whatsoever is no intent of being a real journalist. He's covered his protected by the First Amendment. That's perfectly fine by me. But he's a clown. Talks about right wing media right wing meter. There's never left wing media right wing media, so I want to do I wanted to expose this fraud. Nobody better to do it than you. And I would urge Philly bump to actually check out the conditions. Talk to the defense lawyers. Go look at the charging documents actually educate yourself about what some of these judges are saying. Think about the Constitution and due process and equal protection. Which he won't because he's a slob. Julie Kelly. If people want to contact you, where do they go? I am on Twitter. Julie underscore Kelly, too, And my work can be found at American greatness and greatness dot com and you do fantastic work. Thank you very much for coming on. Thank you, Mark. All right, be well. That would be the same Washington Post along with a cabal of other media that helped cover up the Holocaust. Just so, you know..

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