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Every week we say it's a revolution of podcasts. Really cute. Yeah, it's a revolution. Everyone wants to hear what they sing. They sing it. It's an earworm. The great Eli Braden. And often, we've talked about this, but often we'll say it's a revolution in podcasts. Yeah, we do. But sometimes it hasn't been. I don't want to point out any particular guess. They know who they are. But they have not been revolutionary. No, they haven't. They've showed up. They've showed up. I felt like I carried it. And I felt like I carried you frankly a little bit. I think I've been hearing you for a while. You have. Yeah. And that's a lot more work because I have thanks for wearing the sport. Wearing a sport coat, you'll be able to see. They'll be pictures taken. And I'm wearing a sport coat because one of Jenny and my heroes is on the podcast. If we never did another episode and as you know, that's highly likely. Yeah. Every episode is highly likely. But this one, there's no way. This is gonna blow. We are so, do you hear nervousness in our voice? You know, they tell you never meet your heroes. You're not supposed to, but we just said. We took a great risk and I mean, it didn't work out when we met tread Nelson. He did let us down. He was not the hero. We thought he'd be. It was very disappointing. But this particular person who was sitting on the couch is truly when I was in bands, we played all of her songs, her and her sister and her band's songs. The band is hard and our guest is the legendary and amazing and kind. Nancy Wilson. Oh, my God, oh my God, oh my God. Oh my God. Here's 20 bucks. Yeah, thank you. I could use it. You and I can both talk openly about how much we love. And we came and saw you in concert. Yes. At the Hollywood Bowl Hollywood Bowl. I have a picture. We have some video of Jenny. We have what might be the one of the most ridiculous videos. The guy if we could put this at the end, I have it on my phone. I was so excited and you and your wife were like behind me at the Hollywood Bowl. And the moment I hear, okay, I know right when crazy I'm just gonna start. I know it. I've seen all the concert million times. And I'm like, the power kick. It's the power kick. I wait for it. I practice my whole childhood, my mom's broom, the bathroom kicking. I practice so hard. The least limber person in the world. And I was so excited and you and your wife set and watched me do this. I held my phone up. Like this. Recording. You're solo. And I'm waiting. And I know the moment and then you start. And I know the moment you're going to do it. And I was so into it. I didn't realize until the next day when I watched the video, I power kicked with you. Therefore, when I power kicked with you, I dropped my phone down. So I completely missed the actual power. No, the power kick doesn't exist, but it just see you doing it and then right when you do it, the phone drops, and then it comes back up again. It's a tribute to both Jenny and my narcissism. And wheeling and I'm squealing the whole time, that's all you hear too. And then I do that. It was probably one of the cooler things I've ever done. It was. I'm glad I captured it. Yeah. You were also pretty good Nancy. I mean, she was great, but without her power kick. What would mine ever be? I mean, you invented the power kit. We actually powered together. I felt like if I was you and I went into a restaurant. Do you just do that? We'll send party a two. And you just throw a kick out. I would do that constantly. Just random kicking, right? I would do that constant. Do you know who I am? No. We at least didn't know. I wanted to I want to know about like that song to me. I've always loved that song. And like, can you tell me the circumstances of when you wrote that? I really think we won the battle of the bands in Livingston high school in New Jersey. Oh, you have to tell me though what were the names of your bands? You're gonna love them. Okay. And names are the best. I was in two bands. One, the first band was named Phoenix. And because we had like this Phoenix rising. From the ashes. But my favorite band I was in it was the better band was a band called trilogy. And the reason I love trilogy was how many members would you think would be in trilogy? More than three? There were, in fact, there were 5 of us. So I don't think there was no prequel or I don't think we fully embraced the idea of brand names. Were you and bands prior to heart? Oh, yes. And give me some of those. We had a few different little kind of school, friends came and played and saying with us, one of them was called rapunzel. Oh my God. How is there not a rapunzel now? Yeah, right? I liked early rapunzel. I thought the later stuff you gotta sold out. Yeah. Well they're early the artwork was good at the beginning. They sold out after that. But and then the viewpoints because we used to play like Bob Dylan. So we had we were like white chicks from suburbia, doing protest music. Calling themselves the viewpoints. Where were you from? What are you grew up in Washington state, Bellevue? Oh wow. Oh, that is suburban. Not the Bellevue on the east coast. But yeah, I have more than that, but it's a hole was formed in that. They always have to make the distinction. It's from the Washington state. Yes, not the mental institution. Exactly. Yes. But yeah, we had a lot of different bands, a little, and had fledgling bands called boy and his dog. I love that. One was called hocus pocus for a while. Wasn't there? There was a band hocus pocus. There was no focus. None of them. One of the world's funniest ever greatest songs. So how what year did hart form then? Well, was already going when I joined it. A little bit older. So she kind of met the guys that had the actual equipment and the van and the place to practice. And we'd been strictly acoustic up until that time. And I decided to kind of peel off and go to some university first before I joined the band. Just for the experience and for the what I could bring back to songwriting and all that. So when I joined heart, Anne had chased the boyfriend up to Vancouver BC because he was a draft Vader at the time during Vietnam. Wow. Era. And so everybody followed in because there's no singers like that in the world. I mean, you just you go where they go. And as a side trip, I mean, I do think like when you're talking about the great rock and roll voices. If you had to pick like the top three rock and roll voices, it's hurts, Freddie Mercury. It's like it's Chris Cornell. Yeah, Chris. We're now for sure. Robert Plant. Robert Plant. I mean, yeah. Seeger, there was something great about it. I mean, that voice was just great. It was.

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